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soda stream V bottled water

Posted by Vanessa45 
soda stream V bottled water
March 13, 2017 12:40AM
Just curious...

Has anyone done the maths to work out what what is cheaper? Soda stream or sparkling water ?

I bought a soda stream but find Im always filling up the gas canister. We do 3 pumps - or till it farts to get the fizz.
My partner who has a snazzy new designed one is selling it and going back to cheap n cheerful bottles of sparkling. Not good for the environment as he goes though quite a few.

Re: soda stream V bottled water
March 13, 2017 02:17AM
We do 2 pumps on the machine and it is cheaper than Value (Budget) brand soda water at $0.99/1.5L bottle - but not by a huge margin. We get around 45-50 bottles per canister, which, at $25/canister is $0.50 per bottle ($0.75/1.5L if comparing to bought soda water). We are on rain water tanks so we don't pay for our water, but that is probably minimal cost. At 3 pumps per bottle, your cost is going to be around $1.13 per bottle. If you're just fizzing water, it's going to be cheaper to buy the Value soda water.. but it depends on what else you may be doing past fizzing if it is worth it to you.
Re: soda stream V bottled water
March 13, 2017 03:27AM
Jenna - you're amazing!
Thank you so much.
I initially got the machine to save money but was getting it filled quite often, the kids were pumping it a lot, undrunk bottles ect.
I was always filling up the gas bottle. I have a small one that didnt last long so bought a bigger one as a back up but like you said at $25 a fill and 3 pumps per bottle - its probably not saving me money.

Unfortunately its the gas that sodastream make money on and they are they only ones selling it!

Hmmmmm things to think about.

PS - all we do is drink sparkling water, never buy the syrups
Re: soda stream V bottled water
March 16, 2017 12:46AM
I sometimes buy the fancy flavored syrups and put them in bought soda water. I also find the blasted gas bottle is forever running out, I don't have a spare and I keep forgetting to take it out to swap. I too have begun to wonder if its not really saving money at all!
Re: soda stream V bottled water
March 16, 2017 02:33AM
I don't know where you get your cylinders refilled but I had mine done at Pak n Save this week, and it cost me $10:49. Never paid more than that in several years of regular use. I drink only bubbled water, hubby sometimes adds some cordial mix or fruit juice to his if we have it.
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