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Making a claim using CGA

Posted by Plates 
Making a claim using CGA
March 17, 2017 03:06AM
All, Bosch Washing Machine purchased new $1200 four years ago. Starting to fail - I think grease is being leaked on the washing - definitely not mould. Out of warranty, so am getting a technician in to establish whats wrong, ie if its repairable. Thats going to cost roughly $200 if he/she is here one hour.

Could you share your experiences if you have claimed using the CGA.
Re: Making a claim using CGA
March 17, 2017 03:20AM
Plates, I had a problem with a recurring problem with my Panasonic front loader in that the pump failed twice and after repairs showed signs of failing again. We said that it was not ok for the pump to keep on failing and in the end, after some to-ing an fro-ing got a replacement machine although the guarantee period was over. A washing machine should last considerably longer than the two or three years given. Hang in there. You'll find that you will be covered.
Re: Making a claim using CGA
March 17, 2017 03:43AM
Thanks Chris. May I ask what the to-ing and fro-ing was, and did you go through the retailer or were you dealing with the manufacturer directly?
Re: Making a claim using CGA
March 17, 2017 05:09AM
Consumer NZ has a very useful section on appliance lifespan - says how long many common appliances should last. Here's what they say about washing machines:
" Economic life: 7-12 years (top loaders) 12-20 years (front loaders)
Life expectancy: 10+ years (top loaders) 15+ years (front loaders)
Economic life: At some point an appliance reaches the end of its economic life: that’s when it's more economical to replace the appliance than repair it. Our estimates of “economic life” are based on a survey we sent to manufacturers in February 2013. Where we didn't receive a response, we used data from a previous year’s survey.

Life expectancy: This is how long an appliance should last, given reasonable use and perhaps some repair. Our estimates of “life expectancy” are based on our appliance-reliability surveys and feedback from our members."

So even looking at economic life, a washing machine should last longer than 4 years, and if it can't be repaired, the trader should replace it. If it can be repaired, you'd have a good case under the CGA for asking the trader to pay for this. You don't have to go to the manufacturer - the primary responsibility for dealing with the issue is with the trader.
Re: Making a claim using CGA
March 22, 2017 06:23PM
Plates Wrote:
> Thanks Chris. May I ask what the to-ing and
> fro-ing was, and did you go through the retailer
> or were you dealing with the manufacturer
> directly?

Plates, apart from the repeatedly failing pumps we also had an issue with a huge amount of fibres lodging around the rim of the drum. Those fibres were extremely difficult to remove. In fact, despite a lot of tugging with fingernails, they would not budge. The local repairer could not figure out why that was so as no one else around here who had their machines fixed had that particular problem. We also had to send photos to make our case. Not sure if there was a fault with the machine right from the start as we never heard back from Panasonic. They mentioned that they basically gave us a replacement machine despite it being out of the guarantee period. Had they not done this, we would have taken it further though. The replacement also has its faults but we can live with it. It's a different machine because we were not keen to have the same model again. This one is extremely sensitive when it comes to spinning and frequently I have to re-distribute the load or the machine to spin. It happens even with the same type of load (two bath towels, two face cloths, two hand towels, one bathmat). Sometimes it spins, sometimes it won't. Otherwise the machine washes and rinses very well.
Just edited this to say that we initially went through the trader but then mutually agreed it would be easier if we dealt with the company.

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Re: Making a claim using CGA
July 20, 2017 06:22PM
Cutting a long story short, the machine needed a new drum and Bosch did it all at their cost and the machine is to be delivered back this afternoon.

What I am querying now, is does the warranty period start again.
Re: Making a claim using CGA
July 20, 2017 07:22PM
The warranty period doesn't start again.
Re: Making a claim using CGA
July 20, 2017 08:07PM
What if the drum fails again?
Re: Making a claim using CGA
July 20, 2017 08:42PM
My understanding is that different companies have different treatments of this situation - there is no blanket approach. Plates, suggest you get the definitive word on your situation from Bosch in writing.


Barbara Anne
Re: Making a claim using CGA
July 22, 2017 04:59AM
The CGA says that if the fault is minor or can be repaired, you have to give the trader an opportunity to remedy the fault. If the fault is major, or can't be repaired, you can choose between a new machine or a refund (not a store credit!) So if the drum fails again, you should be covered, whether or not the warranty still applies.
Re: Making a claim using CGA
July 23, 2017 05:28AM
Nice work getting it all sorted with no cost to you. It goes to show if you don't do some digging and ask around, you end up out of pocket.

Ive sent back a Fitbit, a Lifeproof case as well as a Mophie case - all around the $200 mark but failed around the 1 year mark.
I contacted the actual company in America for the phone cases and the store I bought it in for the Fitbit and the service was AMAZING. They replaced the products, only Fitbit required the old product and the turnaround was super fast. Well done them!

My mum has taken some things back to KMART for me, without the dockets. One a duvet cover and inner that Id used BUT the duvet wouldnt stay put in the cover and shoes I bought my kids that seriously lasted 2 weeks when worn daily at school.

Kmart were really good too and gave her a total refund.

Ive learnt that if its not right, do something about it and don't be complacent - things need to last a reasonable amount of time, even if they are cheap. We work hard for our money.

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