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Sea Swimming

Posted by Vanessa45 
Sea Swimming
April 17, 2017 04:47PM
Anyone still swimming in the sea ? I went yesterday and it was really warm - it was just me and the kids, everyone probably thought I was mad. Seriously, it was warmer that many summer swims Ive had this year.

Any amazing swimming holes/bays to check out in Auckland?

I can suggest Stanley Bay Devonport for fabulous views of the city and an amazing wharf to jump off as well as a pontoon to swim out to. Theres a bit of seaweed to swim through first but I pretended I was a character out of Moana and decorated my hair with the seaweed to encourage my kids and make it fun!

Another beautiful spot was the bay at the bottom of Kennedy Park stairs - Castor Bay. Sadly this was partly destroyed in the recent bad weather and I think the cliff has eroded. Anyone know more details about this? This was a magical place. You could do a few trips up and down the tough stairs and reward yourself with a swim on a deserted beach looking out to Rangitoto.

Home bay in Herne Bay - a city beach very close to the Harbour Bridge. its a pretty special spot, probably not the cleanest water being the harbour but a unique experience.

Re: Sea Swimming
April 18, 2017 08:40AM
A friend and her children were swimming at Castlepoint this weekend, bit chilly for me though.
Re: Sea Swimming
April 22, 2017 01:47AM
Yeah a bit far for me and yes, id say it would be much colder than the Ak area.
Re: Sea Swimming
June 01, 2017 06:15AM
I like river activities. But I am not a fan of swimming 'cause I almost sank as I was a kid. But I like boating. I and my husband got a boat about a year ago, bought here. My favorite place is Lake Taupo, esp the Huka Falls. It's awesome to watch this set of waterfalls so close.
Re: Sea Swimming
June 01, 2017 08:33PM
I noticed on the Northshore soon they are having a mid winter swim soon, I might have to get my wetsuit out.
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