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Au pair

Posted by Ruth 
Au pair
July 05, 2017 06:19PM
Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping warm.

Recently I had a health event, that is now limiting me.

I am thinking about getting an au pair to help with the urchins after school, but not sure where to start.

Any recommendations for agencies, pitfalls, and your experiences would be welcome.

Ruth in Rotorua
Re: Au pair
July 05, 2017 11:25PM
Hi Ruth, sorry to hear of your health upset and hope you are on the mend.
We had aupairs for years when he kids were young. Some stayed a few months and one stayed for 2 years.
I generally found the Swedish girls to be the best in terms of culturally easy to relate to and just blended in.
I am trying to remember where we had the most success in terms of locating them and actually do know that some we had from advertising on the NZ Backpacker notice board (online). There are no costs involved and it was a great way to connect with girls who were actually already in NZ.

I had a list of dos and don't that included all the usual things such as; drugs, no boys in their rooms, safety of our children etc...
I was also quite upfront with what I expected and had a list of the day to day types of chores that I needed doing.
We also requested that they respect that Ed and I needed some time to ourselves and most would go and watch tv or sit on their computers after dinner and leave us in peace.
I think we asked for 5-6 hours per day with weekends off.
It was great when they had friends in the area as then they could go off and do their own thing during their time off.

If you have any specific questions then do ask.
Re: Au pair
July 06, 2017 05:05AM
I think the most important thing to do is be extremely honest with all your requirements, and be as detailed as possible with what you expect. If its transparent at the beginning, everyone knows the rules, the expectations (on both sides) and their won't be any misunderstandings.

Do you need live in?

If its only after school care needed, I recently put ads on Neighbourly and got quite a few replies.
Re: Au pair
July 07, 2017 05:58PM
Thanks Helen and Ingrid
My health is on the mend, but I get extremely tired from 3pm onwards, just when the urchins get home from school, so that 's when I need the aupair.
I wasn't sure where to start, so that Backpacker page sounds like a great help.
I hadn't really thought about the "rules" and "expectations", thank you. I will put pen to paper this weekend, figuring out what I need to them to achieve everyday.

They would be live in, but the house is big enough, as we have our own space, away from the urchins.
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