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Buying new bed

Posted by Kathy 
Buying new bed
August 05, 2017 03:49AM
Wanting to update our super king bed. Wanting a mattress where you can't feel the significant other turn over and a medium comfort. Any recommendations please?
Re: Buying new bed
August 05, 2017 04:20PM
Hi Kathy - we went through this just over a year and a half ago now. First I went onto and used their sleep selector. We completed it together. Then we went into a store, but did not tell them we had done the Sleepyhead selector, and two salesman actually came up with the same bed on two separate occasions. I can tell you it is a Sleepyhead and it was the Monroe - but every store has different names for the Sleepyhead range. We went to Beds R Us.

However the most important thing is once you get the mattress home. We were given a care sheet, and if I remember rightly for 3 months once a week, I had to rotate the mattress. Then that reduced to monthly for 3 months (I may have the timings wrong). And now it can be a when I think of it - but I try and do every 2 months at the maximum between rotations.

My advice is to use something like the sleep selector, but then visit a store and make sure the staff have the correct knowledge. We went to other stores and then Beds R Us twice a few months apart (we were just delving at the beginning, and then again when we made our final choice) - and we were impressed with the knowledge of both salespeople, who both times matched what the sleep selector said
Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 01:06AM
We have a Sleepyhead bed and it has driven has mad for so long. We do rotate the mattress as recommended but still end up with huge indents where we sleep with a higher point in the middle between us.
Sometimes I feel like I am sleeping on a slope.
We sent the mattress back a year or so ago and they did something to it that improved things for a while but now we are back to sinking and sliding.
I can't remember what we paid for it but it certainly wasn't a really cheap mattress.
I think next time I would go more expensive if I thought it was going to hold its shape better.
Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 01:23AM
We have the same issue as Helen with our Sleepyhead. It is on the firmer side of things, with a cushiony top. Even with very regular rotation, we've got indents and a central hump. I really dislike the slope sleeping. We paid about $4300 in 2009 (super king size). When we replace this bed we'll be looking closely at a slat bed rather than mattress/base. However, I don't notice my husband moving in bed at all, the lack of partner disturbance is an area it has excelled in. Prior to this we had a Sealy for about 10 years and didn't have the indent problem at all.
Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 01:25AM
Yes we too do not have an issue with noticing each other moving but the humps and slants drive us both quite mad. I think we paid around $5k ish in 2012 for ours. I can't wait to get rid of it.

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Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 01:58AM
I wasn't going to mention my marvelous Design Mobel mattress (and bed, which Design Mobel no longer manufactures) because they're not cheap. But since people are talking about humps and slopes, etc, I'd like to comment that our DM mattress has absolutely no sign of this and is as flat, perfect and exactly the same as the day we bought it 12 years ago (July 2005). I highly recommend them.

Also, we had a mature couple house-sit for us several years ago who, after sleeping in our bed for several weeks, said their ongoing back problems and pain had disappeared.
Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 01:59AM
Ours was around the same price range and absolutely no problems, so isn't that strange? And definitely no partner disturbance. The only differential I can think of is that ours is a queen?
Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 04:57PM
sealy posturepedic moonstone from harvey norman - very firm.
Re: Buying new bed
August 06, 2017 09:03PM
we purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Do Not Disturb bed, maybe 11 or 12 years ago from HN & like Helen am looking forward to the day it will be replaced.
There is a layer/cushiony top too & for much of the time we have owned it, a distinct ridge in the middle of our bed, sloping out to the edges. Luckily its a King size, but both of us sleep towards the edges of the bed I know that its probably near its replacement stage but the $$$ are a bit scary - so the idea of the DM slat bed sound appealing, we both have sore backs & I suffer frequently with sciatic pain so am awake often during the night.

Meant to say too, this bed has a very definite partner disturbance issue - despite the sale lady assurances she was very wrong - at times it feels like I'm being bounced on the edge of a trampoline as hubby sits on our bed to get dressed, put socks on etc smiling smiley
Re: Buying new bed
August 07, 2017 03:22AM
We bgt a memory bed. Super King. Paid $5000+ for it. Biggest mistake, Its now 4 years old and obviously the memory has gone out the window. There is indent in our beds and if i visit hubby i have to roll up the slope then ski down it to meet him. In winter the bed is super warm but in summer its also super warm and I get so hot just lying on it with nothing covering me. Hate hate hate it.
Re: Buying new bed
August 07, 2017 04:52PM
I bought a slat-bed with memory-foam mattress and bamboo topper pad. The memory foam is far too warm to sleep on in summer - winter is OK. If you get a slat bed, make sure it's one of those with a flat 'deck' as mine has those sprung slats that are supposed to give a better sleep - Ha, big joke. The slats have permanently flattened out and it's impossible to sleep near the middle of the bed as the supporting beam from head to foot feels like a wooden mountain down the middle. The best thing about this bed and mattress is the bamboo topper.

My back was getting so sore that I went and bought myself a Sealy Posturpedic from Bedpost. They don't have stores of their own, but various retailers stock them: [] I use my topper-pad and am in seventh heaven when I climb into bed at night. So nice to relax and feel gently supported!
Re: Buying new bed
August 08, 2017 12:16AM
We have a Beautyrest, it is now around 12 months old and (touch wood) it is still comfortable. Reading a lot of the posts I am wondering whether the thinking of the manufacturers is to lessen the quality and therefore the life of the bed so more sales happen. That may sound cynical but it is how I feel. They are far too expensive to think of changing every couple of years.
The only thing I would advise is to try climbing onto the bed in the store is to take your shoes off, despite the staff saying it is alright; with ours, I bless my days of athletics that enable me to easily do a high jump. winking smiley
A friend from England had a problem with their mattress, still under guarantee, where her side suddenly sloped badly, the store insisted it was because she had been sitting on the side of the bed! It was only sheer determination and advising that they would take the matter further that the store/manufacturers suddenly decided they would replace the mattress.
Re: Buying new bed
August 08, 2017 04:55PM
We have a Design Mobel bed and mattress too. The first mattress we had was too firm for me and we replaced it 8 years ago with the softer option (probably still firmer than traditionally inner sprung mattresses). It is still perfectly flat. We turn it around every other sheet change, because it's quite a mission with electric blankets and so on, but worth doing particularly if there is a big discrepancy in body weight between partners.
Re: Buying new bed
August 08, 2017 05:25PM
Reading all of the above, isn't it a bit of a worry how there seem to be more bad reviews regarding mattresses than good? And they aren't cheap. I am actually saying a little prayer that ours turned out okay as it wasn't a cheapy either. It does make you wonder if there is any difference in the price ranges?
Re: Buying new bed
August 08, 2017 06:20PM
It is deeply frustrating, isn't it, Irene? These items are by no means cheap and are very important to everyone's general health. Good sleep on a bed that doesn't cause back pain is HUGELY important. I have problems with my sacroiliac joint and lying in bed causes the most pain out of anything I do all day, but we can't afford to replace the damn thing right now (husband has just needed two crowns and a root canal, sigh). We went to Rotorua for a family holiday in April and the house we rented had what felt like a slab of concrete for a bed, and it was fantastic. My back hardly hurt at all.

My parent's Sleephead king size, that is 31 years old this year, is still so super comfortable. No depressions in the springs, no sagging on the sides, not super hard but not too soft. Amazing bed. It was the top of the line in 1986 and I think they paid about $8000 back then, so a heck of a lot of money for the time, but apparently it was well worth it.

Those with DM beds, how do you find the heat? I've read reviews over the last few days about how hot they can be.. which would not work at all for my husband or myself. I know unhappy people usually talk louder than happy people, but there seem to be a lot of negative comments on DM mattresses in general... but then there are some who just rave and rave and rave. It's so hard to figure out what to listen to.

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Re: Buying new bed
August 08, 2017 09:52PM
Neither of us find the DM mattress hot. I seem to recall that the first one (100% latex) was occasionally hot, but not this one. We have no complaints (well...not relevant to the mattress! The aches and pains of ageing can be trying) We like it a lot. I have mentioned on FL before that a pet hate of mine is beds that need to wear skirts..ours doesn't - it is airy underneath and even sunny in winter with the sun low in the sky.
Re: Buying new bed
August 09, 2017 02:02AM
No heat problem at all from our DM bed and mattress.

I think Jenna hits one of the nails on the head when she says "the house we rented had what felt like a slab of concrete for a bed, and it was fantastic. My back hardly hurt at all." The bed manufacturers and the public have perhaps gone the way of "soft and bouncy is great" when it isn't at all - it results in tired muscles that have to work all night instead of being properly supported and beds that lose their shape and form quickly.
Re: Buying new bed
July 17, 2018 11:28PM
Kathy Wrote:
> Wanting to update our super king bed. Wanting a
> mattress where you can't feel the significant
> other turn over and a medium comfort. Any
> recommendations please?

Hi Kathy,

I would gladly advise you to check this fresh mattress review and pick one that you can afford or you think is suit you best! smiling bouncing smiley
Also, do not forget to roll it twice per few months for better usability and mattress longer life!
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