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Tiled splash back

Posted by Vanessa45 
Tiled splash back
August 25, 2017 05:00AM
Has anyone done their own tiling?

Im quite keen to do a splash back in white subway tiles. Ive NEVER done anything like it before, Im quite good with using google for instructions though.
Call me mad and crazy BUT tradies charge quite a bit per hour so thought maybe I could challenge myself and give it ago.

I saw online a women who built her own home so if she can do that, surely I can tile a splash back.

People who have done it - was it worth doing yourself??? Does it look AMAZING??? Ha Ha are the tiles still up winking smiley

Re: Tiled splash back
August 25, 2017 04:00PM
Quite a few years ago, I tiled a kitchen floor (cork tiles - when they were the trend), and have also laid ceramic tiles. It is definitely possible - but nowadays I prefer to use tradesmen. I can't remember how wall tiles work, but with the floor tiles, the secret was to start in the middle and work out. But Mr Google and Mrs YouTube are your best friends.

Nowadays I prefer to pay someone. We are in the midst of organising our complete bathroom renovation, and will have subway tiles. Just a pointer I have had from two different tilers Vanessa, is NOT to use black grout. It looks stunning, but apparently the black doesn't stay jet black. I am going for a charcoal grey instead. Which has the black look but won't discolour - according to the professionals.

ps Tile Warehouse currently have a 20% off sale on subway tiles. Our reno isn't until Feb/March (warmer weather as the whole floor has to come up), but we purchased all our tiles last weekend and now they are stored away. And I compared prices between the three major tile warehouses,and they were the cheapest

Go for it!

Edited to add - did my tiling last? The ceramics were in an Australian house and lasted about 4 years until we sold. The floor tiles - were still there and in good nick 20 or so years later in early 2000s. However that house was sold as well. I am sure they were updated with something more in line with the times smiling smiley

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Re: Tiled splash back
August 25, 2017 05:42PM
We've done our own tiling in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Yes, they are still up after many years.

In each case it was tiles on the wall, around the bath, basin in the bathroom. In the kitchen it was around the kitchen bench/splash back area. We had a lot of good advice and help from the people where we bought our tiles, they cut tiles where we needed them cut. If I was about to do it again I would need a refresher course. winking smiley.

Many years ago I tiled a hearth, so if I can do it, you certainly could do it. We didn't use dark grouting and occasionally we need to repair or replace that but that's just general wear and tear.
Re: Tiled splash back
August 28, 2017 09:18PM
Thanks for the tips and encouragement - I was thinking white grout BUT dont want it to go grey LOL so maybe charcoal or grey is the way to go.

I will do my homework first as I do have a bad habit of diving right in, all enthusiastic and realising Ive missed steps.

Thanks for the Tile warehouse tip too - shopping around is so important today.

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