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K Mart - Awesome Finds?

Posted by Vanessa45 
K Mart - Awesome Finds?
September 11, 2017 05:48PM
Anyone shop at Kmart?
Found any great finds lately?

I saw they have black wire type round tables and have seen online that people spray paint them in an antique gold paint and they look really good!

Ive got the $17 3 wooden wall cubes that are pretty cool as well as a white linen duvet cover and marle cotton winter sheets.

I also LOVE their cheap notebooks and anything with a bit of rose gold on it.

Ive had my fair share of disasters from there too. I got the kids duvets and covers but the duvet kept bunching up inside the cover. Ive bought kids shoes that lasted 2 weeks and lately I got 4 round cork placemates but they were more like disks that wouldnt sit flat on my table and the kids thought they made great frisbees!!!!

The are great at exchanging though. Money back with docket and credit with a phone record.

Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
September 15, 2017 03:46PM
I've been buying the large printed canvas's for $17 and painting my own art over the top. Great for the kids also.
Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
September 24, 2017 12:49AM
Warehouse stationary has 60% off canvases at the moment, they are really good ones.
Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
September 25, 2017 05:35PM
Kmart is a treasure trove of well-priced own-brand stuff. It's I the first place I go when I need anything. They have some great homeware that you don't see anywhere else, that looks expensive but is very well-priced. I had my eye on a very Scanderweigen-looking wooden digital alarm clock but I couldn't justify buying it because my current clock works just fine.

I bought some matte dinner plates for $2 each. They are a lovely size for portion control. I needed some short forks to fit in my lunchbox and I got a 4-pack of metal salad forks for $2.50.

Two weeks ago I got a power bank/portable battery for my cellphone. It's an 8000mah one for $20. They had an 18000mah one for $35 but the two branches I went to had either sold out or had the items stolen out of the packaging. These are amazing prices for power banks. I don't know about its quality compared to other brands that are usually twice the price, but it has all the features I want and charges my phone up nicely when I'm out and about. The other nice think about them is that they come with full instructions. This might sound like a daft feature but i bought a smaller-sized power bank made by Case Logic for the same price a few years ago and i had to email them in Denmark for the instructions!
They are going to be what I'll be giving as Christmas pressies this year.
Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
September 27, 2017 07:14PM
@Vanessa145 - your thread inspired me to have a really good look around Kmart yesterday and I got some amazing things. I ended up spending two hours there!

They have a huge range of storage that you usually only see at specialist storage shops. They had 3-tier stepped cupboard inserts for tinned items and rubber-based lazy susans for the kitchen for about $8. I bought similar things about 5 years ago and paid at least $20 fro them.

I got some really attractive medium plastic storage boxes for my wardrobe and pantry. They have lids that just rest on top which is perfect for quick and easy access. The best thing I got was a cordless LED desk lamp that is powered by USB or battery. I have been looking for one for ages but all the ones I'd seen were REALLY ugly and very expensive. The one I got is very sleek and clean-looking for only $8.

Their range of craft and office/organisation supplies is excellent as well. They have heaps of things that you don't see anywhere else.I got a packet of round bamboo write-on labels for my jars and things, and I thought they'd also make neat stick-on gift labels.

I also bought a 4-pack of disposable shower caps for $2.50 (great for when I apply my homemade hair mask - I wash them and re-use them as much as I can).

Their range of pet stuff is HUGE and looks really good. I don't know how hardy their dog toys would be, but they don't look cheap and nasty. I also liked that, again, they had things that you usually only see at expensive shops, like holders to elevate food bowls for arthritic/old dogs.
Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
October 02, 2017 01:27AM
Glad to inspire DK

I saw on a Facebook post a GREAT idea. You buy a glass large vase/bowl thing and put water in it and fill it with a BIG succulent NO soil, just the roots.

Ive found the photo - check it out, its really cool.

open | download - Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 5.23.30 PM.png (393.3 KB)
Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
October 04, 2017 12:06AM
Yes Vanessa, I know two people with these, put little stones surrounding them & it looks really nice.
My bargain this week was from Farmers in the men's dept. Hubbie spotted a button down wool blend coat a style he has always liked, he tried it on & it looked great but he hesitated at the reduction from $200 to $100 MEN...I said what a bargain get it hmm..I took it off him & bought it he was astounded a further reduction cost $58 in the end. What a happy Chappy I had.

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Re: K Mart - Awesome Finds?
October 15, 2017 07:00AM
Thats so funny Lyn V - Men aye ;-)

For the Webber BBQ owners, at Kmart, in the section where they sell baking trays and tin trays you can buy 6 drip trays for $3. These are the ones that go under the BBQ to catch the fat. No need to buy the Webber branded ones. They come with lids too so you can also use them to package up for for the freezer.

I also purchased a basic rectangle coffee table $29 that was OK. My son actually split his lip open on it on day 1 - the corners were quite sharp as well as a fall from his older brothers back.

Anyway I decided to pimp it up a bit and bought a piece of timber - industrial looking MDF I think, a tin of clear satin varnish, got it cut to size and then gave it a quick sand - yes smoothing the corners. I took the old one off and just screwed the new one on.

Now I have a cool looking original table.

There baking flexible moulds are great too Ive got the cup cake/muffin one and a round cake one - they worked really well especially sprayed with oil. $6 each I think.


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