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fleas? Bed bugs? Marks on sheets

Posted by Vanessa45 
fleas? Bed bugs? Marks on sheets
October 23, 2017 09:33PM
I have new white sheets and a cat that sleeps in my bed. Ive just noticed she does has fleas and flea eggs that I am currently treating BUT what Im most annoyed about is the small dark pin prick marks on my new sheets - is this fleas?

How can I get them out? I havent washed my sheets yet.

I looked through my cupboards to find any stain remover and all I have is mould remover. When I read the the back, the active ingredient is Sodium hypochlorite - so basically bleach.

Could I use this on my sheets?

Vanessa - using kiwi ingenuity smiling bouncing smiley
Re: fleas? Bed bugs? Marks on sheets
October 24, 2017 03:38PM
It's probably flea excrement - the blood that the fleas have sucked from your cat (and probably you) and then excreted. If you haven't washed your sheets yet, try an ordinary wash before resorting to other chemicals for something that's probably going to come clean. If that doesn't work, Sard is my 'go to' stain remover. I have both the spray on for spot cleaning and the powder for soaking pre-wash. You can also use the powder in-wash. Just follow the instructions on the packaging. Oh, and I always take a bar of Sard soap on holiday - far easier than washing powder.
Re: fleas? Bed bugs? Marks on sheets
October 24, 2017 08:00PM
I was thinking the same as Lorna. I am also a fan of Sard soap.
Re: fleas? Bed bugs? Marks on sheets
October 29, 2017 04:30PM
It's probably flea excrement

GROSSSSSSSSSS Ive been sleeping with flea poo hot smiley

I actually washed them with the bleach and I dont know if it was that or just washing them but they came out perfectly clean - I was so happy!

The cat has now been treated so hopefully that will put an end to the fleas.
Thanks for the SARD soap recommendation, I will get some in the next shop.

I did read recently that vinegar is amazing in your wash - Ha Ha white vinegar Im guessing.

Re: fleas? Bed bugs? Marks on sheets
August 10, 2018 04:14AM
Treat your cat with natural anti-flea remedies, they are less harmful than chemical ones. Citrus and herbal sprays are good for that purpose. One can use peppermint, basil, wormwood, tansy, garlic, pinewood sawdust to repel fleas on your cat. But if your house is already infested with those insects you should think about more serious chemical means. Here are some tips on how to get rid of fleas and to avoid the infestation in future. Hope it will come in handy.
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