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How to mend a cracked vase ?

Posted by TPANDAV 
How to mend a cracked vase ?
November 25, 2017 11:34PM
I've damaged one of my favourite vases, a heavy glazed ceramic cylinder. It is still in one piece but has a crack extending two thirds of the way from top to bottom. I have an idea there might be something that I could spray or paint on the inside to seal it - does anyone have any suggestions?
Re: How to mend a cracked vase ?
November 26, 2017 03:59PM
Is the vase wide enough for you to get your hand in? I broke an unglazed pottery garden statue and glued it back together with Araldite, the two-tube stuff that you mix together. That was 14 years ago and it's still holding together as if nothing had happened to it If you can get your hand into the vase, perhaps you could give the crack a coat or two of Araldite along the crack, using something like an ice-pop stick or handle of a plastic spoon, trying to squeeze and spread the glue into the crack and also a coating over the crack.
Re: How to mend a cracked vase ?
November 27, 2017 10:50PM
I've recently come across a product called Sugru which is touted as a mouldable silicon glue:Sugru. I reckon you'd be able to mould it over the crack on the inside of the vase.

I haven't gotten round to buying a packet so can't personally vouch for it but the ideas for it are amazing. It's waterproof, and heatproof to 180 deg C. The website alone is fascinating! It looks like you can order it from the website or there seem to be some NZ stockists like Warehouse Stationery or Bivouac.

The story behind it is interesting too because it was invented and developed by a young Irish woman and not by some huge industrial conglomerate. Its name comes from the Irish word for 'play'.

UPDATE: I've just ordered a pack from Mighty Ape. I plan to use it to:
1) Repair a plastic-coated clothes dryer where some of the plastic has peeled off.
2) Make a cord-holder on my toaster because the cord flops around when I put it away.
3) Repair a crack on my fridge crisper drawer instead of buying a replacement part.
4) Make a little silicon doodakey (thingy? Wotsit?) that I can use to prop a pot lid open during cooking.
4) Cover some worn areas on the thermal lining of my curtains.

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