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Posted by Lorna 
December 12, 2017 04:00PM
There is so much spam on here, there's more spam than genuine member posts, in every forum. I know it's a busy time of year, but it's become very unpleasant to visit the forums for the last week or so. However, for me it's a very quiet time of year with SeniorNet Whitianga being in recess until February. There's only a small amount of work to be done between now and then. Is there anything I can do to help? Can someone show me how to delete and block these spammers? I'm quite happy to help if I knew how.

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December 12, 2017 04:12PM
I agree Lorna, and that is great of you to offer your time. I wonder if you email Helen directly?
December 20, 2017 06:03PM
Seven more spams in the Foodies chat page. I'll happily do what I can to help.
December 22, 2017 03:42PM
Yes, I agree very annoying and unpleasant. I'm not very internet savvy but my understanding is that these posts are not from genuine people, rather 'web crawlers' which identify sites by key words. I recall someone saying a while back that the fact that the name of this site has the word 'lovers' in it is probably a factor.

While we may not be able to stop the unwanted posts coming they should be deleted immediately by the webmaster and that doesn't seem to be happening.


Barbara Anne

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January 05, 2018 05:48AM
The spam on the food talk page is getting out of hand. Just nasty. I am surprised it's not being removed. Holidays?
January 05, 2018 05:56AM
I assume that Helen is out of action for some reason. But there are ways to prevent this kind of spam attack, but suspect that the owner of the site isn't tech savvy enough to work it out, not that I am either, but I know other forums have sorted it out. I just mark the forum "read" so I can see anything new that comes through and ignore the spam.
January 07, 2018 03:39AM
Opps, Sorry I didn't see this thread and just posted on the Food Talk page re the spam - it's really annoying.

Curate Cookbooks
January 11, 2018 04:39AM
WOOHOO! Someone has taken a magic eraser to the spams! A big thank you from Adelaide!
January 18, 2018 04:19AM
The spam scourge is back. Over 10 came through in a matter of minutes. As I reported one, a new one came in, and so on. Just terrible.
January 18, 2018 04:24AM
Hey folks,
I have deleted a lot of spam on Helen's behalf. I'll make sure I keep a better eye on it. I think they must spam in multiples! Annoying!
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