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Shower Domes

Posted by Irene Field 
Shower Domes
January 16, 2018 04:01PM
We are in the midst of a major bathroom renovation, ie no bathroom and due to being a small house no en suite either. I used a friend's shower and they had a shower dome, which is fantastic I really really liked it. But what I did notice is that there were some dead bugs on the outside top and a bit of dust. Speaking to someone else with one, they said they had no issue with anything collecting on top of their shower dome I know it would really bug me, and I am too short to successfully clean the outside top of one.
So I wondered if I could have some comments from existing users please as to their external cleanliness?
Re: Shower Domes
January 16, 2018 05:07PM
The top collects dust, but its better than mould is how I look at it.
Re: Shower Domes
January 16, 2018 06:09PM
I don't own one, but am interested to hear the positive comments as I've wondered for a while if they live up to the claims. Despite using extractor fans and keeping windows open, both our bathroom and ensuite get mould growing high up on the walls quite quickly, and being a short-ass myself, it is a pain to get the ladder out to clean - especially inside the shower cubby area. Dust collection would be a problem here though as we live on an unsealed road and driveway, so that brings quite a lot of extra dust into the house.

Would you have enough room to use a low step stool and a brush attachment on the end of a vacuum pole to clean most of it? Or one of those long fluffy cobweb cleaner thingys?

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Re: Shower Domes
January 16, 2018 06:13PM
thanks Plates - and my thoughts as well Jenna. I am vertically (well and horizontally to be honest) challenged - and I don't even know if I could reach the back of it for cleaning. And Plates - do you have a problem keeping your shower glass clean?
Re: Shower Domes
January 16, 2018 08:16PM
Irene, I have an extendable duster that I use often. I think it would fit in with Jenna's description. The shower is right next to the bath and before I had a knee problem I would climb on the end of the bath to reach the less accessible places of the dome. (I am not very tall).

I am looking out for something with an extendable handle that I can attach a dampened cloth. I may have to invent one of my own.
Re: Shower Domes
January 16, 2018 09:14PM
Hi Irene.. I had a shower dome in our last home and we are trying to find how we can have another on our new shower which is now wet floor so no actual frame to attach it to... I digress, sorry,...Shower Domes are great and yes the dust does collect BUT I used to use a solid plastic moulded stool from the big orange stores good and secure to stand on and use a damp cloth wrapped around a micro duster with a longish arm..the duster was/is the narrow one and green in colour and it worked a treat..i could reach right into the back corner... I used to clean it perhaps every second trying to get the black spots off the ceiling weekly!
Re: Shower Domes
January 17, 2018 12:23AM
Irene - shower glass - there is a squeegee that is used after the shower to pull the water off the glass. Its not perfect, but its pretty good

As for cleaning the top, yes a three step ladder would be fine for most showers even if you are short and holding a mop horizontally with a cloth at the end is suffice to clean it.

The bathroom here has a traditional villa high ceiling, and fans just did not do the job. Personally, I think the shower dome not only stops mould on the walls and ceilings, helps preserve the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom from rust, ie light fittings etc.

The one negative, is that because the shower is more 'sealed' with a dome, the corners of the shower tend to grow mould, but its manageable. In the scheme of things, for a high ceiling bathroom, its better to have one if your looking at mould prevention.
Re: Shower Domes
January 18, 2018 08:31PM
Thanks everyone for your feedback. After posting this, I remembered I had a Plumber son (very senior moment), so also asked his advice. His response was that they work perfectly, but he has seen mould in the corners and one actually had mould on the inside top), and then made the comment that he has seen older ones that have yellowed with age! He said to me they can always be retro-fitted, so I am going to wait and see how things pan out without one and then decide
Many thanks
Re: Shower Domes
January 21, 2018 09:09AM
Re fans - when I had my bathroom done I had a fan put in over the shower, but I had it replaced after a few years as a tradesman recommended a much better one. The new one is incredibly powerful - when it's running it's actually hard to push the bathroom door shut! I don't have any mould with it. It did cost a ridiculous $500 though but maybe your son could put one in for you?
Re: Shower Domes
January 21, 2018 05:45PM
Carolyn, we are going for a unit that has LED lights/heating and fan all in one. The fan specs apparently aren't that great for a large bathroom, but as our bathroom is small, it may well work. Plus there is the window of course. Mould was never a problem in the old bathroom - touch wood it stays that way!
Re: Shower Domes
January 24, 2018 04:43AM
I have one in an apartment and its AMAZING, no mould or dampness anywhere in my bathroom.

YES the top of the dome does attract dust and a few bugs but to be honest, its easy to clean providing you can get there - like on a ladder or chair.

I would highly recommend them having lived in a villa previously with a ceiling fan and lots of mould.
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