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Dumb accident

Posted by Griz 
Dumb accident
January 25, 2018 04:39AM
I'm feeling a bit stupid because I had an accident at the weekend, my mandolin has broken, and the sides weren't holding my guard, so I used it without the guard to the predictable result. One trip to A&E, several stitches, huge dressing and a week off work. 5cm long, deep cut on my right thumb. I'm feeling very sheepish, and would love if you'd share your stupid accidents with me!
Re: Dumb accident
January 25, 2018 03:32PM
Oh Griz that is awful! Poor you, I shudder to think of it.

Ok my story which many of you probably know. We neglected to water blast the fine black layer that had formed in patches on our outside concrete area. On a wet day I rushed out to do something (talking on the phone at the same time), slipped on the black patch of concrete, cracked my head on a concrete planter as I fell and ended up with a stitched head, stitched elbow (that collided with a sharp rusty netball stand that should have been thrown out) and concussion that went on for way too long.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
Re: Dumb accident
January 25, 2018 06:57PM
Eek, Griz, how awful! I don't think you should feel stupid though as chefs use them without guards all the time. I threw mine away as I knew I would get rid of it once it injured me (which was only a matter of time!) so I might as well cut out the middlemansmiling smiley. Eight years at ACC made me ridiculously cautious, so I can't think of any stupid stories, but I can reassure you that there are thousands of people with accidents far dumber than yourssmiling smiley.
Re: Dumb accident
January 25, 2018 07:29PM
I love my mandolin so am very, very careful with it as I have heard of so many people using it without the guard, etc. I did have a nasty kitchen accident, though, involving a tea towel and my cooker: I always have a teatowel hanging on the handle of the oven door, which opens downwards. On this particular day, I opened the oven door to take something out, and when closing it, I didn't realise I had stepped onto the ends of the tea towel, which were touching the floor. The sudden jerk as the tea towel tightened made me start to lose my balance and I put my hand out to save myself - right onto one of the stove top elements I had turned off just a minute ago. OUCH! Nasty burn all across my wrist and thumb!

I hope you heal soon, Griz. I couldn't get rid of my Mandolin, I use it almost daily, it's so useful with it's 6 different options for thickness and type of cut, right from the thinnest julienne cut through to super chunky chips and plain thick or thin slices.
Re: Dumb accident
January 25, 2018 08:47PM
Ouch! That's a big cut.. I hope it heals quickly and cleanly.

My stupid stories.

1. Several years ago I was quickly dicing tomatoes as I was in a rush to sit down with my then young boys and watch a movie. Unfortunately in my haste I managed to cut off the top 1/2cm of my left middle finger, nail and all. After a long wait at the urgent care clinic, a sizeable dressing etc, the movie didn't quite happen. The Dr commented that the knife must have been very sharp because it was a beautifully clean slice -- yes it was, I'd just had them sharpened the week before. Better that than a blunt knife that would have made it messier to heal. My lasting memory of that injury was being seriously annoyed at an older nurse who tut-tutted at me for struggling to cope with the pain when she was trying to clean it. The Dr popped her head around the curtain to see what was up, I asked her if I could please have a local. She said no problem, and apologised for not offering it earlier. Nurse Ratchet rolled her eyes and walked out. Cow.

2. 16y ago I also slipped on water that had leaked from a washing machine. Landed on the heel of my right hand on the corner of a concrete step in the garage. Shattered 2 metacarpals and had to have them screwed back together. That led to a chain of events that saw 5 further operations on my right wrist and forearm over the following 8 years, 4 of them major - shortening my ulna twice and screwing it back together with a huge plate, and then lengthening it franctionally after it was mucked up the second time, grr, requiring casting to my shoulder for 10w post op each time. A small moment of inattention has had lasting consequences. At least in the grand scheme they are minor consequences, unlike a car accident or something equally awful.
Re: Dumb accident
January 25, 2018 11:02PM
Ouch Griz! Hope you're on the mend fast.
Nothing quite so horrible here in Adelaide but I have a bad habit of cutting towards myself, with the occasional cuts of fingers. I have a chef friend who uses his mandolin without the holder thing all the time and I can't watch.
Re: Dumb accident
January 27, 2018 12:32AM
Griz, I so sympathise as I too cut myself badly on a mandolin. The cutting disc was stuck in the holding receptacle and I tried to pull it out. Well out it came and took a good slice of my thumb with it. I used to use the mandolin a lot but after that nasty accident I could not bring myself to using it again and gave it away. Last year I bought another one, a Japanese Benriner. It has the most stupid blunt holde/guider that you can't even get into a carrot to hold it in place. The ladies in the shop recommended it but all said that they don't use the holder/guide as they think they have better control without it. I've used the mandolin exactly only twice in more than a year because I now feel anxious. I've also been left with some nerve damage in the thumb. However, I feel I must push through my trepidation and be extra careful although it just takes a split second of distraction or inattention to cause an accident. Griz, I wish you well and I think I've come off lightly when I read here about the accidents others have had.

I've edited to add that I also bought from Amazon a pair of safety gloves. I put a thin rubber glove over it so that I don't have to wash it after every use - what a performance!

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Re: Dumb accident
January 27, 2018 01:19AM
Ouch that does sound nasty Griz. I hope you are on the mend.
Re: Dumb accident
February 07, 2018 11:03PM
Griz, I had to have a little laugh. I am a music person as well as a food person. When I first read this I was trying to work out how you had managed so much damage using a musical instrument!
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