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Firefox refresh - beware

Posted by TPANDAV 
Firefox refresh - beware
January 29, 2018 09:58PM
I got a message on Firefox saying that Firefox was running slow on my device and I could refresh it to speed it up. Like a fool I did so, and then found that I couldn't open the refreshed browser because my profile was unavailable. I spent more than an hour uninstalling, re-installing, fossicking around in the bowels of my Library to remove the profile from the cache, and eventually got it back and running. However I have lost all of my bookmarks and cookies and I forsee another hour of reinstating them (plus future irritations of course). So don't do it!

I also found it difficult to log back into Foodlovers, it took about six tries before my log in was recognised, each time having to endure that awful Captcha.
Re: Firefox refresh - beware
January 30, 2018 03:20PM
If I were you, I would also do an Antivirus scan just in case any malware has been loaded onto your computer.
Re: Firefox refresh - beware
January 30, 2018 03:31PM
How frustrating for you. Hope everything is back to normal. and no nasties are lurking. It is so easy to happen, for that one little moment.
Re: Firefox refresh - beware
March 01, 2018 02:57AM
A lot of Malware is being spread these days. As per a report 2017 saw about more than 10million malwares which affected the internet. So please be careful while browsing the net. !!

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Re: Firefox refresh - beware
March 01, 2018 03:44PM
Exactly livinggod29. That's why I won't be clicking on your link!!
Re: Firefox refresh - beware
March 01, 2018 05:28PM
I don't think I've ever seen a 'refresh' message from Firefox. Thanks for the warning, I will certainly be looking out for something like that. Mostly they just advise they are doing an update.

I am with you, Lorna, regarding clicking on unknown links.
Re: Firefox refresh - beware
March 01, 2018 05:53PM
Ditto with Firefox - I just get update messages.
But talking of technology and updates... in my work as a Travel Agent, we use a completely different booking engine to what you the consumer would, and through this reservation system have access to all airlines world wide. Well yesterday morning I logged in and it forced an update on me. Once I signed in the screen was different, pre populated keys that are stored for repetitive entries - all gone. It was a completely different system and screens! Then I found out it wasn't just myself, but NZ wide amongst our group. The booking engine forgot that training would be required in this new system, forgot to tell anyone it was happening on 28 February, and just put it there. I tried a System restore to go back and that didn't work - so had to spend the whole day making bookings, issuing tickets etc etc on a system I had no knowledge of. It took them something like 6 hours to reverse the forced update
Don't you love technology smiling smiley
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