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Running tips

Posted by Vanessa45 
Running tips
March 23, 2018 02:39AM
Im not a runner but I am keen!

I feel great afterwards but struggle mentally and I guess physically to conquer running for long distances.
Now Im not talking a marathon - lol 5km is LONG for me!

I can walk/run no problem and are reasonably fit but believe Im not built for running.

I probably should listen to myself and choose something Im better at BUT I am keen and its a free activity I can do in my lunch break as like being outside, on my own with music.

Any tips for getting better? Ive good shoes - Asics, could do with losing 5kgs and have the drive to do it.

Any help appreciated

PS - I dont like running with others or in competition runs or even fun runs
Re: Running tips
March 23, 2018 02:48AM
Vanessa, since you're keen that's the hardest part over with! While there's no shame in sticking to what you're good at, if you want to do longer distances why not get as good as you can over 5 km first to give yourself the best chance of success then extend your runs just a little every time.
Re: Running tips
March 23, 2018 06:55AM
But how - I just cant seem to keep going - ie I cant seem to keep running.

Ok so where I walk/run there is hills and they are hard to run so I walk. Maybe I need to just start on the flat? I wonder if Im even doing it right ;-)
Also should I be breathing in a certain way? Like body building - out when you push. Im pretty sure my stride is rubbish too... Just things I ponder

Re: Running tips
March 23, 2018 08:17AM
Hmm. My ex-husband was a marathoner and I don't recall him breathing in any particular way. I was curious though and had a look and found this article:


Starting on the flat sounds like a great plan as hills are brutal.
Re: Running tips
March 23, 2018 08:05PM
Thanks - Ill try to stick to the flat and interesting about the breathing - Many runners develop a 2:2 pattern of breathing, meaning they inhale for two footstrikes and exhale for two footstrikes. LOL I just puff and pant!!!!

Re: Running tips
March 23, 2018 09:38PM
when I started from nowhere, I just gently jogged for a minute everyday till I felt I could do more, then added a minute each time. It actually will surprise you how quick you build up time.

I ended up being able to run a good 40 min with some hills included.
Re: Running tips
March 23, 2018 10:55PM
Vanessa, I think that you may have set yourself some unrealistic goals and your mind is therefore ahead of your body's current ability to do what you want it to do, hence your frustration. Plates is right - start gently and build up. Another way is to use lamp posts as your 'goals' - jog gently from one to the next (or halfway if that's all you feel you can manage comfortably at first) and then walk to the next and so on. As you get fitter, you might start jogging two and walking one etc. etc. Definitely start on the flat and then graduate to some undulating ground before you start on hills.

That said, I remember an expert saying that it's not the way you get there but the distance you cover, in other words a longer walk is every bit as beneficial healthwise as a shorter jog (and possibly less stressful on your joints). By your own admission you are not training for a marathon and simply want to get out and about and possibly lose some weight, so take the pressure off yourself and just walk briskly. You'll have time to smell the roses and see the sights and as it will be more enjoyable, you will be more inclined to include a walk in your daily routine.


Barbara Anne
Re: Running tips
March 24, 2018 12:27AM
When I was training for the half-marathon I started by running for a minute and walking for 2 minutes and every week I adding more running and less walking to the mix. It took about 4 weeks from moderately fit (not running fit) to build up to being able to do 5kms without dying from breathlessness.

It didn't feel right physically or with breathing for ages...I felt like every fat roll would bounce up and down and I felt a burning in my chest...I can't believe I continued with all that going on - but I was determined to complete the goal I set.

Subsequently even though I'm not in training for any run - I find it's never been that hard to get back into running - like your body must have a memory for it or something.

I'm currently on my 4th Park RUN (5kms every Saturday around Western Springs - fun, free and organised event - you get times and a barcode so you can record your progress)

Last week I met this amazing woman who has just started running AT 74 years old!!!! She is in training to do her first marathon in Rotorua this year - Just goes to show, that age is not a barrier....

Come along to the park runs.....?
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