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Hi Everyone! Popping in just to say hi!

Posted by Lisa Templeton 
Hi Everyone! Popping in just to say hi!
May 03, 2018 06:19PM
Hi Everyone, I had a beautiful visit yesterday by a bus load of lovely ladies and one who actually remembered me from foodlovers. Life has been crazy busy with Denheath Desserts. With Mothers Day just around the corner I have been working on advertising for that. At Denheath we recently started retail packs in Melbourne Australia and now nation-wide through foodstuffs. So hopefully you will see mums custard squares in the freezers when you go shopping.
Our Eldest is now 18 and has gone to Otago to study IT, Our daughter is 17 next week (Im panicking about getting a cake done for her lol) And our bubba is 6 now! He reckons he is the 4th boss here at Denheath. We now have a new Website for Denheath we are trying to improve all the time WEBSITE And I have created a website for my sugar flowers
I have some free tutorials on how to make sugar flowers here too! After my wee visit yesterday i started thinking of all my lovely friends here so would love to know what you have been doing!
Huge Warm fuzzies and Custardy Hugs Lisa Templeton

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Re: Hi Everyone! Popping in just to say hi!
May 03, 2018 10:31PM
Lovely to hear from you Lisa, I can't believe your baby is now six.
Re: Hi Everyone! Popping in just to say hi!
May 04, 2018 01:21AM
Oh Lisa, how time flies. Good to hear that you, the family and the business are doing well. Will keep my eyes open for your addictive treats when I am shopping. All the best and let us know every so often what’s happening in your life.
Re: Hi Everyone! Popping in just to say hi!
May 06, 2018 07:51PM
Hi Lisa
Lovely to hear from you. It's hard to imagine your family all grown up (except for the 'baby' of the family). I still think of them as toddlers. You haven't mentioned Donald! How is he? And have you still got those gorgeous pink streaks in your hair (to match your bicycle)? Incidentally, I can buy your delicious Custard Squares from one of our local cafés here in Whitianga, The French Fig. Looking forward to possibly more choice from our local New World. I'm going to browse your new websites and drool over the goodies.

Now that I'm retired (9 years ago, actually), I've been doing a bit of travelling around the world and have just returned from Hawaii. The volcano currently in the news had just started it's intensified activity (it's always active, but in a gentle way) 2 days before I left. Glad I was gone before it finally erupted and they had to evacuate residents close by.
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