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Descaling Nespresso machine

Posted by Ali W 
Descaling Nespresso machine
February 02, 2019 08:57PM
The internet seems to be divided over this issue. Nespresso say that using vinegar or citric acid will ruin the seals on the machine. Other sites say bunkum and that Nespresso just wants more money for their cleaning product.

Anyone care to weigh in on this?

We don’t have a Nespresso store nearby so it would mean getting the product sent.

Interested in any advice. Our machine is over 5 years old so way out of warranty.
Re: Descaling Nespresso machine
February 03, 2019 07:35PM
Ali, I would be very hesitant on using vinegar on any non porous surface. I have just ruined a marble basin with a supposed fantastic internet hack using vinegar - and as I have been told, you must remember vinegar is an acetic acid and eats things! I would play it safe and purchase the Nespresso product, unless it is no biggie to purchase a new machine if things do go wrong due to the vinegar?
Re: Descaling Nespresso machine
February 04, 2019 02:08AM
Thanks Irene.
Re: Descaling Nespresso machine
February 04, 2019 02:33AM
I would tend to go with what Nescafe says in this case. Years ago I had a very expensive coffee machine and the manual said to use any commercial descaler/cleaner, but not vinegar. The cleaner I used I recall was expensive at the time, about $30, but it lasted me several years being used every other week. The cleaners also have detergents to dissolve the buildup of oils from the coffee quickly, while vinegar would descale, it may not do the oil residue well, which can leave a pretty nasty taste if left.
Re: Descaling Nespresso machine
February 04, 2019 03:18AM
We use the product from Nespresso. We don't have a Nespresso store near us, unless we happen to be near one, everything is ordered online.
Re: Descaling Nespresso machine
February 05, 2019 07:25PM
I use the product from Heathcotes, a bottle of descaler. I use a little less than the 100ml (I think) the instructions suggest so that it lasts a little longer.
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