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Getting my daughter to zip her jacket up.

Posted by Scottish Jodi 
Getting my daughter to zip her jacket up.
February 08, 2019 08:12PM
Hi people, I'm new here and have just moved from Scotland to Auckland this past year. My 6yr old daughter is prone to getting chest infections so I always make sure she is wrapped up from the cold mornings. When she is getting ready for school, she will put her jacket on and put the hat in her bag but I say to her "darling, its cold here in the morning so can you please zip up your jacket and put your hat on" to which she just groans so, I go over to her and zip the jacket up then retrieve the hat from her bag and put it on her head.

Due to the fact she is prone to chest infection, am I right to zip her jacket up or would I be better to let her learn from natural consequences?
Re: Getting my daughter to zip her jacket up.
February 09, 2019 01:14AM
Not completely sure if this is a legit post, but I'll treat it as such!

I live in north Auckland and my boys (now 15 and 13) never really wore much in the way of coats, and never winter hats. The only time they've ever worn a winter beanie is if they're sleeping outside in the bush in cooler weather. It just doesn't get cold enough and the chilly winter mornings usually soon warm up to a comfortable level. That said, I am grateful my boys have always been very robust, health wise. I would say that if your daughter has got the jacket on, that's probably good enough. I would suspect that being zipped up or wearing a hat is not going to prevent a bacterial or viral infection.

At about 7 years old I personally stopped getting involved in what they did and didn't wear and it became much less stressful for all of us. I would suggest a jacket if it was cold, but if they didn't want to, I left it alone, sometimes throwing it in the car in case they changed their mind. My now 13yo runs very hot and wears shorts, short sleeve shirts and slides year round. He'll occasionally put on a light fleece jumper in winter, but knowing how he is now makes sense of how he was as a toddler -- the same! I remember the battles we fought over him wearing enough clothing, and he just didn't need it and I thought I knew better. Mum of the year!

Right now with the heat, I'm looking forward to cool winter mornings again! I don't think we've closed our doors or windows for several weeks now.. we're living under a roof with a few side pieces here and there smiling smiley

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Re: Getting my daughter to zip her jacket up.
February 09, 2019 03:45PM
Is it possible that your daughter feels 'different' to the other children who walk to school hatless and either no jackets or jackets undone? Kids hate being different. Have you had a winter here yet? Certainly at this time of year there's no need for hats (other than a sunhat) and jackets. Even in winter many of the hardier kids don't wear either garment. It's not as cold here as Scotland. I asked my original question because you say she groans when you ask her to do these things, and that's usually a sign of not wanting to conform to parents wishes, but would rather be like their peers.
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