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Automated phone call

Posted by Ali W 
Automated phone call
February 10, 2019 02:14AM
Twice recently we have had a robotic call saying it was from Spark. We do not have a Spark account but I was concerned.

I used a number lookup site that told me the number was from Spark. I did a live chat with a Spark techno who said they would always use an 0800 number. Now I am worried that the lookup site was a scam too. It is called Zlookup. I don't think my iPad could get infected from the research I have done, but does anyone know?

Re: Automated phone call
February 10, 2019 03:29AM
I am with Spark and I had a little trouble with my laptop one day.Thinking back now it must have been a coincidence as the next day I got one of these calls.It was supposedly from Spark and it sounded so real telling me my internet connection was going to be discontinued if I didn't get in touch immediately.I was advised to press 1 and I did.It rang twice and a foreign man answered and explained to me how to stop this happening.I was completely fooled and listened and tried to follow.When he asked me to push certain buttons on my laptop and I am not really computer literate I thought no I will ring Spark myself or one of my daughters first.I stopped him and said can I ring you back in half an hour I have a visitor.He said in a very angry voice I will ring YOU back in 30 minutes but he never did.When I told my daughters they said don't stay on the phone with them they can get into your accounts hang up.I worried all day about my bank accounts and anything else but my computer was fine.I had a call this afternoon from another foreign caller saying I am ringing about your computer so I hung up fast.I think you should be fine as you didn't engage with them as i did a little.
Re: Automated phone call
February 10, 2019 08:09PM
Ali, Zlookup is a dodgy site in that it may give you false information, but it's unlikely to have actually infected your iPad. These phone calls, whether robotic or from people, can be very convincing - as an IT person my advice is always to call them back not at their number but at the number you look up yourself in the white pages. (NB just because someone says you can call them back at a number they give you to prove they're legit doesn't necessarily mean they're scammers - I had someone from Inland Revenue say that once as they just hadn't thought it through. It's always better to be safe by calling back at a number you find, however.) Also, if someone calls you to say you have a problem with your computer, this is ALWAYS a scam. Computer/software companies would never call. Hang up immediately without saying anything and hopefully they'll take you off their list.
Re: Automated phone call
February 11, 2019 12:11AM
Whew, thanks for your reassurance. Glad we just hung up on the call and we will not use Zlookup again.

Hopes this helps someone else.
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