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Adaware.... using this??

Posted by Kaye 
Adaware.... using this??
October 28, 2004 08:11PM
Hi fellow foodies,
I am fast developing a love/hate relationship with my computer. I have followed the thread on Norton, and smugly thought I had the problems covered with Norton Internet Security and Windows XP features.... not so. I have in the last few days had some very unsavoury, ( and I am not talking food here.... they were not sweet), popups appearing everytime I tried to use Internet Explorer. This morning having tried everything I could enable etc on my software, I phoned Xtra's helpline. They were very helpful, and emailed me an information sheet on Spyware and suggested that I should install Adaware. I have done this, and tried reading all the suggestions and instructions, but I would really appreciate it, if someone could tell me how to use this on a regular basis, in simple terms.... I have run the scan and quarrantined things, but what then. For now my popups have stopped, dare I say it, but I wouold appreciate knowing how you use this software, how often etc etc. I don't want to be a computer geek, I just want to be able to use my computer in peace without any filth appearing, or someone else stuffing up my system and its functions.
Looking forward to any help you can offer.
Re: Adaware.... using this??
October 28, 2004 08:40PM
You need to run the Adaware programme anytime you download any free software from the internet.......just get in the habit of doing this and it's not a hassle....I also run the programme about every six weeks or so just in case there's spyware installed from just visiting websites - but more frequently spyware is hidden within the free software that is offered......smiling smiley
Re: Adaware.... using this??
October 28, 2004 09:17PM
We run adaware about once a week. Just remember to do the updates, so you're also getting rid of more recently discovered nasties.

Raewyn G
Re: Adaware.... using this??
October 29, 2004 02:29AM
Do mine daily as have been burnt with having to take the computer into the repair place when it had a virus and they said 86!!! spyware. I do a deep scan on files daily and every 2nd day scan the drivers. Once items are quarantined I delete them.
Touch wood all is well here, and I hope and pray it stays that way!
It's a worry alright!

Raewyn Gsad smiley
Re: Adaware.... using this??
October 29, 2004 07:02PM
Use two different sorts of adaware .Lavasoft and Spybot regularly or before doing anything secure.If one doesnt get it the other does .No more "suprises" in the form of sex ads are popping up unexpectedly .These were the worst because they just went through everything and installed sites in my favourites changed my homepage etc .
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