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Ideas for an engagement pressie

Posted by jen 
Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 01:58AM
Hi Guys,
Any suggestions for something a bit different? A friend who used to be an employee,(straight from school, then went on to do a degree in Animal Behavior, then worked for us during school/uni holidays). Thanx.
Raewyn G
Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 02:18AM
What about some good quality towel with handtowels and flannels to match, and have the couples initials embroidered on them. Just remember to wash the towels first to avoid shrinkage after the embroidery goes on.
We gave a couple them and they were absolutely delighted.
Raewyn Gsmiling smiley
Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 05:23AM
Great idea for the towels - you can never have too many lovely towels (says she who should get some new towels. Our everyday towels are NOT good...........)

What about things for the kitchen - a really good essential cookbook,
good garlic crusher, smart measuring cups and spoons, frypan?

I always buy my friends kitchen related gifts as even if you are not a big cook it is nice to have quality gadgets when you do.
Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 03:10PM
Judging by the amount of praise both crockpots and the George Foreman grill have been getting in the forum, maybe one of those would be a good idea. Plus a card with the Foodlovers web-site address included somewhere winking smiley

Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 07:12PM
We were give a very large ( approx 45 by 45) rimu chopping board, and it gets used every day, and I love it and wouldn`t be without it. Try and think of things they might need but would perhaps not buy themselves, but are practical.
Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 09:56PM
I think towells is a personal choice. Unless you know what their colour scheme is the lucky couple can receive an assortment of different colours which doesn't match their bathroom.
Go for something in the kitchen line. Rimu chopping board sounds great. Or anything stainless steel is the in thing at the moment. Or Quiche dishes, Set of sharp knives. Cheese board
Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 29, 2004 10:52PM
I am attending my son's engagement party tomorrow night, and received some interesting comments from my lovely, gorgeous future daughter in law re engagement presents. Being young, she has previously told me priorities range from a dinnerset (they would love to have a matching one), cutlery, and manchester, ie decent sheets etc and I agree, of course, with any kitchenware.
Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 30, 2004 01:13AM
Just a tip. as engagement presents are supposed to be returned to the giver should the couple break up buy something that you would like in your home.
My nephew and his fiancee has recently built a house and so gave them a couple of mats(tyre rubber mats) for the front and back doors. Will give them a couple of fruit trees for a wedding present.

Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 30, 2004 03:15PM
Another thought! Many years ago when I was a struggling solo mum and money was in short supply, when my nephew announced his engagement I started his wedding present. Week one I purchased a laundry basket. Each week I would put in something small, but useful. A few clean rags for mopping up. A packet of washing powder. A can opener. Pegs. This went on for the whole year before they married, and the basket was full by the time the wedding came round. All small things that are essential to help a home run smoothly, but are often not available right from the word 'go'. Easy on a limited budget.

Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 30, 2004 03:42PM
I haven't been to engagements for a long time, but my younger brother was telling me about one of his friend's engagement party. They were given a lovely standard rose planted in a large planter. They're currently renting, so it means they can take it when they buy their own place. I don't know much about roses, but apparently the variety had a name which meant something like eternal love or similar.

We were given a few sets of towels when we got engaged 14yrs ago. Its only been in the last few months that I've had to throw the last of them out. I actually felt quite sad throwing them out, as one set was from an older couple who have both since past away.

How about a nice picnic hamper.

Good luck with the decision making.

Re: Ideas for an engagement pressie
October 30, 2004 05:31PM
I've just recently bought an engagement gift, and chose a pottery pie dish from a local pottery. I had one similar that I was given and have really enjoyed using it. This way I thought the couple are reminded of the area I live in, and it is practical, doesn't matter if you get more than one. I also tried to pick something that would go with a variety of other patterns. ie I chose a dark mottled blue glaze, rather than cream with apricot flowers and green leaves, or a big native flower etc etc.
When we got engaged many moons ago.... we got so many prs of pillowcases you wouldn't believe.... most never ended up being used, as sheets came with matching ones. I guess also though that what you buy depends on how close you are to the couple.... if I didn't feel as close, I might have bought something less expensive. I have also given special wine glasses, or a really nice clear salad bowl, to relatives. The main thing I try to keep in mind, is that it be something that will go with a variety of decors, and appeal to a variety of people. I have had some gifts myself over the years, that really bugged me, because they were not to my taste, and yet the giver had obviously spent quite a bit. You could even suss them out and find out if they have any special likes or dislikes. I would rather give a gift that I knew was going to be enjoyed and tresured, than one they feel obliged to display, or end up hiding in the bottom of the linen cupboard.
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