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damn telecom!

Posted by Kate 
damn telecom!
October 29, 2004 11:35PM
Warning...don't try to change the account holder's name on your telecom bill!

I am moving flats and the person who is moving out is the account holder, so we called Telecom to change the account holder thinking it would be a relatively simple process - after all the power bill changeover was. WRONG!

They have to DISCONNECT the phone, then RECONNECT it - a $45 job, and to keep the same phone number means the phone was disconnected today (friday) and may be reconnected by monday, but probably tuesday.

we're not happy!
Re: damn telecom!
October 30, 2004 04:55AM
Gee, that would not make me happy either.

Surely in this day and age that is ridiculous.
Surely all they REALLY have to do is go to their database and change the account details - a 30 second job I would think.

you have to wonder.

Guess you have to change it though as the accoutn holder is liable for the bill.

Re: damn telecom!
October 30, 2004 05:20AM
I have just seen Telstra clear advertising on TV this evening.
It sounds as if they are going to look after new customers and they say that you can keep your old number
Re: damn telecom!
October 30, 2004 03:52PM
Yep, I know what you mean. Hubby used to work for Telecom, before it was all deregulated. When we got a phone, it was only allowed to be in his name. To this day, the account is the only one, just in his name, cos I begrude having to pay to change it.
We have a listing in the phone book, with both our names, which didn't incur a charge. I know its too late for you, but perhaps this could be a possibility for any others out there, in a similar position.

Hey, Telecom have to make their mega profits, somehow. sad smiley sad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smiley


Please, I hope nobody takes the last comment, seriously.
Re: damn telecom!
October 30, 2004 05:41PM
Have had my own hassles over the years with Telecom... with our a/c it was in my husbands name and they refused to discuss anything relating to it with me.... I had to get him to give them authority to let me have any involvement. How?, I just had to get him to the phone to ok it.... was very tempted to phone back and just lower my voice, or go out and grab our employee from the paddock, as my husband worked away from home every day and was never there during business hours.
More laterly it has been with the connection of Jetstream... we are in a rural area and have had a very on again off again connection. Everytime I phone and tell them it isn't going agin, they make us go through the same tests at our end... each time it has been a fault at theirs... and this last time when the technician phoned me, he said they ahd had trouble in our exchange the previous day.... why don't they ever know what is happening on their own network!!!??? Even he was fuming about their lack of communication to their technicians. Oh... and they like to always try making a fuss about the electric fence interference... they can't seem to get a grip on the fact that it is 'always' there, and that our phones work just fine... most of the time. And NO we can't turn off the fences... we do have 'animals'. Where oh where do these people hang out.... must be a city I think. I wish they wouod get there act together and if our electric fences are such an issue, then develop something to ease the problem... because a lot of us have them, and even if we can sort out ours, you can't always convince your neighbours to do anything about theirs.
Sorry to grump... but hey I am feeling fed up too Telecom... a pity you ahve such a monopoly. Oh., as for complaining to them... when you tell them how you feel the staff agree, the technician, turned around and said... you think you're fed up... you should try working for them! Great going Telecom. slash Teresa's salary and get these basic issues sorted!
Re: damn telecom!
October 30, 2004 05:59PM

You'll probably find the technician wasn't actually a Telecom staff member but from a company which contracts to Telecom, eg Downer or Areva (was Alstom until recently). My husband works for Downer and they're always grizzling about the lack of info which Telecom gives them, then they're the ones who have to take the flack from the Telecom customers.
The other huge problem, is SOOOOO many staff have had enough, and left and there is a real shortage of skilled staff around, which means more stress on those left. It all goes back to 10yrs or so ago, when they decided not to take on trainees, and now older staff have retired, etc and there's not been NZ trained people to replace them. Some new NZers (ie immigrants) have been employed, but often don't have enough experience and sometimes language is a huge barrier.
I've always said that for a telecommunications company, Telecom is terrible at their internal communication.

Linda - who is sick of 3am phonecalls from Telecom demanding hubby go and fix a fault, only to have him return a few hours later, as nobody was around to give him access to the building and being told by the grumpy for being woken up, customer, to wait to the morning.
Re: damn telecom!
October 30, 2004 06:15PM
Jetstream, cant even get it where I live (only 45kms from Palmerston North) so have to have slow internet service and as we only have one line am always in trouble for hogging the phone!!!
Re: damn telecom!
October 31, 2004 06:01AM
Kaye, I have a friend who arranged and pays for a dedicated phoneline for her computer............. and STILL telecom refuses to discuss anything with her, will only speak to her husband!!

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