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Smeg or Delonghi free standing oven, splashback & rangehood

Posted by Diana 

We are in process of purchasing a free standing gas hob/electric oven. Can someone please advise whether the piping at the back of a delonghi oven requires changing if using LPG bottles due to the manufacturing of Delonghi is only compatable for CNG. I know that the burners are supplied with both LPG and CNG.

Also tossing up between SMEG and Delonghi 90cm gas top/electric oven. Heard bad and good with both. Mostly with smeg poor servicing but apparently has improved. Delonghi consistently good product.

Any comments also with the Delonghi rangehoods. I have compared the decibel rating with others and Delonghi is louder. Suction isn't as great as the Fisher and Paykel and Smeg but then pricing is also different.

It also pays to shop around as for the same Delonghi product I have found a pricing difference of $800 on the floor price before discount.

Any ideas/comments would be welcome.
Regarding compatibility, it is my understanding (but you may need to check with a plumber/gas fitter) that the only issue is the jets in each burner, there should be a set of LPG jets with the stove for the plumber to fit.

The manifold inlet may have a regulator fitted to it that is required for CNG. This is simply removed by the plumber when connecting to LPG, as the LPG bottle has its own correct regulator. I do not believe there is any reason why a Delonghi is CNG only compatible as the internal plumbing/taps and burners are sourced from the same company as virtually every European gas hob.

Hi there,

We have a delonghi freestanding oven/gas hob purchased about 10 months ago. We are running it from an LPG bottle. It came with 2 sets of jets. We had it installed by a gasfitter / plumber, and was a relatively easy job. From memory I think the installation was about $200. Prior to this, we had a Smeg oven and hated it. It was so tiny - I had trouble fitting some of our casserole dishes in it. The delonghi gas top is easier to take apart than the smeg to clean too.

We have had a Smeg electric/gas combo for 9 years & have had no problems.I love it.grinning smiley
Just replaced the rangehood in my kitchen. (2 weeks ago) Bought a Smeg and so far it has met all expectations - and looks good too!smiling smiley

I have a delonghi free standing - it is close to 1 metre wide.
It is 4 years old but I have found right from the start that we have had problems with things such as:
*knobs for cooker got exceptionall hot when oven was on and I had to get them changed over
*temperature numbers and also cooking style (fan, bake etc..) have all worn off really quickly
* glass exploded & shattered in door (for no obvious reason)
* oven is really slow in heating
* oven door is now out of line and I need to lift it into position - haven't as yet had this fixed.
Hi Diana. Just out of interest, have you looked at Teba? I believe they also do a free-standing gas-electric combo. They're quite a bit cheaper than Smeg or Delonghie, but seem to be very good. They're imported by Award appliances, the same people who import Russell Hobbs. I have a Teba benchtop oven and find it very good.
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