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Tunnel House

Posted by Rachel - Ashburton 
Tunnel House
February 17, 2009 11:35PM
I am wanting to purchase a tunnel house. I found the perfect size, 6 metres x 6.7 metres, then found out the company that makes these do not make a hothouse fabric cover, only a white plastic cover, which would not let in enough light for plants/veges. I don't want a 2 metre wide tunnelhouse, nor do I want a 3 metre wide tunnelhouse. I'm looking for at least 4.5 - 5 metres wide. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Am I dreaming?
Re: Tunnel House
February 25, 2009 05:37AM
Hi Rachel

We have a Kerilea "Hi Tunnel" tunnel house from Redpath. It's 5m wide, but it's 48m long. However, as it is a series of loops covered with plastic, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to supply a smaller version (less hoops, less plastic). You can but ask - they have a website with their contact details.
Re: Tunnel House
February 25, 2009 06:17AM
Does this help you in any way?

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