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Rats in the Compost Bins

Posted by helen 
Rats in the Compost Bins
May 24, 2016 11:36PM
I have black cylinder/dome shaped plastic compost bins with lids on the top.
For years they have worked well but since last winter I seem to be feeding a community of rats.
Last winter they found their way inside and gnawed through our dishwasher wiring.
I need to get rid of them but don't know the best method.
I did put out some bait and killed at least one but now they are ignoring the bait and heading straight into the bin to find vegetable scraps.
I can obviously stop putting the scraps in the bin for a while but worried that I will then encourage them to head indoors in search of food. They dig into the bins from the base.
I will try fresh bait today in case the old one has lost its potency but has anyone else got suggestions?
Are traps better than bait?
I don't like killing animals but I can't live with rats.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
May 25, 2016 03:05AM
My suggestion would be to call a pest control specialist. They have access to different products that may be more effective. We've had a mouse problem in a detached garage recently - caught 15 mice in 3 traps over just one weekend. Mice I can deal with the slower approach, rats I'd be pulling out the big guns!
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
May 25, 2016 03:53AM
Great idea Jenna, I will get to it.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
May 26, 2016 05:35AM
I did a last ditch effort with the rat bait and smeared a bit of peanut butter on it. This morning it was all gone. Hoping it was rats that got it but can't see cats heading for peanut butter.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
May 26, 2016 06:06AM
That's a good idea -- peanut butter is what we use in our mouse traps.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
July 07, 2016 02:51AM
I actually moved the compost bin to sit on concrete when the same thing occurred. I figured they couldnt dig and crawl under it. Since doing that, haven't seen one single pest.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
July 11, 2016 12:49AM
I was always told with rats you need to tie the bait down so they dont run off with it. They will probably just take it away and store it. Bait should be put in an old pipe or similiar so cats and dogs dont get it. Get a piece of wire and tie the bait around it (we buy the green bait) then tie the other end to a brick. You soon know the rats have been chewing on the bait. When bait all gone replace it.
We have had rats at our beach house and do this all the time. Works sucessfully.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
July 12, 2016 12:55PM
we have success with coconut and vanilla on mouse traps ( fingers crossed we haven't had a mouse for 4 or 5 yrs now) Rats and mice are the reason we dont have a compost bin...simple as that. Id rather bury my scraps to rot in the garden over winter especially.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
July 16, 2016 12:11AM
Plates how do you get worms and insects into your bin if it is on concrete?
Our rats seem to have disappeared. I am keeping a close eye on it and will put more bait out at the first sign of anything.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
July 31, 2016 08:25AM
well i dont know, but if rummage around in there, there are plenty of worms and bugs.
Re: Rats in the Compost Bins
July 31, 2016 01:32PM
My compost bin stands on weed matting, with stones up around the base of the bin to keep it stable. We simply slashed an X in the matting prior to putting the bin onto it, so bugs/worms etc can get in, but we've never had mice or rats in it.
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