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Idiot Proof Potatoes

Posted by networkn 
Idiot Proof Potatoes
February 08, 2017 09:57AM

Xmas day in my family before my mum died was always partially about digging up new potatoes Xmas Morning and boiling sweet tiny potatoes with Mint and Butter.

Supermarket bought Potatoes just aren't up to scratch, but with 2 small kids, a business, a sport and many other demands on my time, and combined with my complete lack of skill in gardening (something my mother did not manage to pass on to me), I find gardening a nightmare.

I am wondering if there is a very very simple way to get myself some freshly dug potatoes on Xmas day this year (I tried begging on various forums without luck lol).

I am wondering when I'd plant them, what variety, and any other IDIOT proof instructions I could use to perform this magic?

Re: Idiot Proof Potatoes
February 08, 2017 12:38PM
I grow only enough for one feed for the family on Christmas day. Jersey Benne's are my favourite.

In August buy a small bag of seed potatoes from the garden centre and lay the potatoes out in a sunny place to "chit" (develop sprouts). Fork over an area in your garden and mix in some compost (buy a bag), then plant your potatoes by laying them on the soil and covering with another bag or two of compost/planting mix (or just use soil if you've got some to spare)...every time you see leaves coming through add a bit more compost (you want to build up a mound about 40cm high)....harvest on Christmas day.
It is really easy, potatoes grow like weeds, I obviously didn't get all mine on Christmas day and now have a second crop coming through with no effort on my behalf.
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