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Bathroom potplant

Posted by Dawn 
Bathroom potplant
February 23, 2017 01:42AM
I have had a lovely streptocarpus plant sitting on the bathroom vanity and it has a profusion of flowers over many, many months, and rests off from flowering over winter. It really is a flowering workhorse!

Now that I have installed a sheer roller blind in the bathroom over a clear glass window the streptocarpus is not very happy as it gets a full-on dose of sunshine from about 3 p.m. onwards if I forget to pull the blind down before I go out. Reluctantly I am going to have to shift the plant away from the bathroom and replace it with something else. But what - I am wondering? I've gone brain dead and thought someone might give me a few ideas.

I would like something which flowers as prolifically as the streptocarpus and which has height to it (at least when in flower) but I'm open to any suggestions.
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