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Cat poo in the garden

Posted by Lyn V 
Cat poo in the garden
March 05, 2019 02:46AM
This has probably been discussed before but does anyone know what to put into our garden to stop the cats doing their business in it. Our neighbour has 3 & another 1 so 4 cats use it. Hubby is fed up weeding & finding it in his hands. Thanks
Re: Cat poo in the garden
March 05, 2019 07:15AM
I have read where someone used plastic forks,handles down prongs up until the cat's stopped.
Re: Cat poo in the garden
March 05, 2019 08:15PM
I have used thinly sliced lemons spread around to be quite effective. The cat's don't like the smell. If you have a lemon tree, or access to lemons, give it a go.
Re: Cat poo in the garden
March 06, 2019 07:06AM
There is a product I used to buy at Mitre10, it was a bright green jelly type stuff that you sprinkled round the affected area, and it put off a strong smell of I think pine. The gel lasted a couple of weeks before rain etc dissolved it into the garden, but that usually is enough time to put cats off I think.

Try your local garden center if something like that interests you. I remember it working very well the times I used it.
Re: Cat poo in the garden
March 06, 2019 10:23AM
Apparently cats don't like the smell of the loose sprinkly type of naphthalene, or moth balls, but I don't know what, if anything, it would do to your garden. It's got a pretty strong smell and if it's the vege garden you wouldn't want your vegetables to smell like it!
Re: Cat poo in the garden
March 06, 2019 07:51PM
Dawn, I think napthalene products (mothballs) were removed from the market several years ago. I still have about 1/2 dozen in a glass jar,but they've become sort of fused/melted together. I used to use them in bottom of my outside rubbish bin, under the blue bags we have to buy to dispose of our rubbish. It kept away the insects and hid the 'rubbish' smell, too.
Re: Cat poo in the garden
March 09, 2019 05:45AM
I sympathise Lyn. We had the exact situation when living in Auckland, did lots of reasearch, bought and tried lots of products from black pepper to everything that was available in the garden centres, tried a spray pistol and gadgets you attach to the fence/house that emits a sound that animals don’t like. I am sorry to say that nothing worked for us. In desperation I grew basil and other herbs in pots and a cheeky cat did its business there as well just to let me know that it was futile and who was boss. There are thank goodness very few cats in our new neighbourhood and there is only the occasional dump left but that is enough to bring back memories. I don’t have any real advice for you, just want to let you know that it’s good for the wallet to be cautious when spendi g on remedies. Good luck.
Re: Cat poo in the garden
June 08, 2019 12:31PM
A spray bottle filled with water and 20 drops peppermint essential oil
Re: Cat poo in the garden
June 09, 2019 12:01AM
Sardine, do you spray the plants or the cats with your recommended spray?
Re: Cat poo in the garden
July 09, 2019 05:06AM
I read that if you put sheep pellets around your garden the cats will keep away - have given this advice to a friend, I must ask her if it has been successful. The sheep pellets will also be good for the garden - would need to replace regularly though.
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