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Field Mushrooms

Posted by Joan 
Field Mushrooms
April 17, 2008 05:29AM
Can anyone please tell me the best way to freeze field mushrooms? I never seem to have much success with them. We are having the right type of weather here at present and we have been out twice in the last week picking so we would like to make the most of it.
Re: Field Mushrooms
April 17, 2008 06:33AM

Maybe Helen can help you. On Saturday's kitchen and garden show on Radio Live, I caught a caller talking about this as I passed through the room. I didn't get all of the call, but I did hear the caller say that he/she puts them into a brown paper bag and freezes them like that. If there was anything done to them before this, Helen would probably remember.

Yes, the first of the season, there is nothing nicer !!! We have been enjoying them all week.


Re: Field Mushrooms
April 17, 2008 07:57AM
Lucky you two, I have just come back from Dunedin where as kids a farmer used to let us take some from his field & oh the flavour, nothing like our shop ones. I am back in Auckland with just the memory now.
Re: Field Mushrooms
April 17, 2008 08:19AM
I came home today to find half a dozen beautiful pink mushies sitting across my kitchen bench (they'd been set out by my Husband to "make a statement" I guess) and they got me into drool mode. I sincerely hope this means more to come?

I heard the listener on Radio Live say all you do is put them into a brown paper bag and put them into the freezer - but it somehow went through my mind that I wondered if she meant the fridge as in short term keeping. If she meant the freezer you'd peel them first.

I saute them with a little butter which forms a juice and when they are cooked (which doesn't take long) I cool them in their juice and freeze them plus the juice in meal sized lots. We enjoy them as a vegetable with the juice thickened when they come out of the freezer, because, as Lyn says the flavour is out of this world. To us they are far too precious to add to a casserole where the flavour is lost through the mix and mingle of other flavours.
Re: Field Mushrooms
April 17, 2008 10:57PM
Dawn, why would you peel them before freezing, please? Wouldn't the skin help to stop the mushrooms drying out in the freezer? I never wash or peel my mushrooms, they are simply given a wipe over with a paper towel.
Re: Field Mushrooms
April 17, 2008 11:18PM
Hello Lorna,
I prefer to know they are cow plop and fertilizer free. Over the years I've picked bucket loads of mushrooms from our farm so I see what they've grown through (i.e. pushed themselves out from under a dryish cow plop), or what's been put over them as they grow (i.e. when the fertilizer trucks have spread the paddocks). Besides, it becomes a ritual after gathering mushrooms for us to sit down together and peel and trim the mushrooms - it's all part of the pleasure of looking forward to the delicious taste of wild mushrooms!
Edited to add that I never wash them.

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Re: Field Mushrooms
April 18, 2008 04:59AM
All I do is blanch for a couple of minutes then freeze. Easy.
Re: Field Mushrooms
April 18, 2008 01:28PM

I don't even blanch mine justwipe the tops and snap freeze then bag. Lucky you I am going to have to see if my sister as some tat I can freeze, I don't even mind picking them
Kay D
Re: Field Mushrooms
April 29, 2008 10:55PM
I am freezing loads at the moment also. The button ones can be snap frozen without cooking, the medium ones (ie not the big black ones) can be sliced then just lightly blanched, then frozen, and the big juicy black ones I have found to be best cooked with no butter or oil (as this can alter the taste once they are thawed). I freeze these in freezer bags - flat so I can get more in the freezer - in their own juice. They are delicious thawed and then thicken the sauce. Yummo!
Small tip: It is best to freeze same day as picked
Re: Field Mushrooms
May 01, 2008 05:41AM
Hey Lyn, you might be surprised what you can find in the inner city, I have had 2 good feeds from Albert Park right in the center of jafaland; what a find.
Re: Field Mushrooms
May 01, 2008 05:55AM

Thanks for that, Martin, it made me smile from South of the Bombays !!!!

If anyone can, a Kiwi can !!! LOL

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