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Posted by Lorna 
April 02, 2009 09:48PM
There seem to be a lot of new forum members joining up recently, maybe due to to Helen's new job. I assume she has a link to this forum somewhere in her articles. Anyway, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you 'newbies' and hope to see a lot more of you in here with your queries and your advice, too. Nice to 'see' you.

Perhaps it's time we did another 'getting to know you' thread where we all tell a bit about who we are. I'll start off.

I'm Lorna and have been visiting this site almost since its inception several years ago. I live on the Coromandel Peninsula, am a grandmother and great-grandmother (but a young-at-heart one). Apart from enjoying cooking, I love my little brown Burmese cat, Jynx, and also enjoy reading all sorts and travelling anywhere, especially to new countries where I can try their cuisine.

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Re: Welcome
April 02, 2009 11:42PM
What a good idea,Lorna!

I am Judith.I live in New Plymouth with my Husband of 39 years plus 1 cat & 1 dog.

We have 3 adult children plus 7 Grandchildren.

I still work as a nurse & have been visiting this wonderful friendly site for years.

I really enjoy cooking,knitting & travelling.In fact we are heading to Vanuatu for a week tomorrow.Can't wait!!!
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 12:38AM
Hi, I'm Rachel and have been a member of this site forever!

I don't post often but check the site every day :-)

I live on our dairy grazing farm in Ashburton with my husband and 2 DD's currently aged 10 & 12.

I have a new found passion for vegetable gardening but my Fibromyalgia, arthritis and recent partial herniated disk sometimes get in the way!!

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Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 02:02AM
Hi Lorna - Thanks for the welcome. I have been following the forum for a while since a friend recommended it to me. When did the foodlovers site start?
My name is Barbara , I live in Christchurch with my husband Howard We have two grown daughters and six grand children. The daughters and families live in Switzerland at present.
I am an avid reader of cookbooks and have a growing collection of Vintage cookbooks - I love just reading them for relaxation.
I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years so am somewhat slowed down by that but still manage to have fun in the kitchen.
I check in on foodlovers forum nearly every day and have already learnt lots here.
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 02:25AM
and then there is moi....

Irene from Hamilton, a first time granny as at 11:46pm last night. Work from a home office and am a self employed Travel Broker. Have 4 eyes from being on the computer for work a lot, but FL is my saviour when I am on hold on numerous occasions during the day.. as I am now, and listening to a Blondie song which is not bad, but I hate it when they are good songs and the phone gets answered or bad songs and the phone doesn't get answered.

Married, and my 2 adult sons do not live with me. Wonderful hubby, wonderful dog called Minnie, and have met wonderful people through FL.

My dear sister introduced me to FL, and I thought ewwww, but then I started reading and then contributing and then got hooked and have been here ever since 2004. And my cooking has improved no end thanks to FL and have expanded on my favourite recipes and have a fairly extensive bank of recipes now. Our girths are expanding here - oops, but I will put that down to giving up smoking smiling smiley successfully now for over 2 years -yee haaaa.

We have a tiny wee vegie patch, and love our small suburban garden. We have mastered making our own sausages, and them and my tomato chilli sauce, which I have bastardised the original recipe, are to die for. Oh and we do like a wee drop or two, so also make our own alcohol and liquers.

ps made a heavenly chocolate cake last week (have to confess it was a packet mix as I won it in an Edmonds Hamper), but instead of all water, I used 1/2 water and 1/2 mandarin infused vodka, and then stirred into the mix vodka infused mandarins. Wow, wow and wow....

Guess what I am going to be baking this weekend.... me thinks another chocolate mud cake will be going in the oven.

onwards and upwards... tally ho, its off to work I go

ciao, ciao

Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 04:10AM
Hi I am Dot from Cambridge

I dont post very often but check the site everyday

Married to George for 45 years this year have a son and Daughter grandchildren
really enjoy cooking , reading etc
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 04:55AM
And I am Irene's sister, Lynette. Don't let the login name fool you - I am not from PNG but from Hamilton although I have been an expatriate for many years and am currently living in Jakarta. If I could figure out how to change my login name, I would, but haven't quite gotten around to it!

I have a husband and an 8 year old son, and i am extremely lucky to have such a well-behaved great boy. Not that I am biased, of course! He is adored by all my girlfriends who think he is a "cool dude".

I am a tax accountant but not the boring, conservative type. More of a 35 year old 45 year old - if that makes sense! I still like to go partying, nightclubbing and dancing and I am particularly partial to champagne. French, naturally. Anything else is not actually champagne, darling. I also love to cook and because of my passion for good food and good wine, I run and run and run every morning to burn all those extra calories.

I am also a GREAT aunt for the second time due to Irene becoming a first-time grandmother which is great news!
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 08:14AM
Congratulations Granny Irene!
Welcome to the blissful world of grandparenthood - all the love, cuddles and spoiling without the ultimate care and responsibility.

Hi everyone else.
I'm Colleen and I live on a lifestyle block near Whakatane with my husband of 42 years, a starving (not!) labrador called Sumo and 22 alpacas which provide endless entertainment. We have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, who live in Auckland and Wellington so we don't get to see them as often as we would like.

I discovered Foodlovers when I retired after over 40 years of teaching at the end of 2007, only to be immediately knocked sideways by secondary cancer, first in my spine then causing my femur to fracture. I have spent the past year in and out of hospital, including a helicopter ride to Middlemore on my birthday. I did nothing through five surgeries and months in traction but now that I'm home, hopefully for good, pass many idle hours communing with my computer, reading, knitting and generally contemplating my navel. Retirement wasn't meant to be quite like this!

It sounds bad when I read back, but life is good: I have a wonderful caring husband who waits on me hand and foot, and fantastic family and friends, I live in an idyllic spot on a sunny hillside with panoramic views. Then there are websites like Foodlovers. What more could I ask for?
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 11:18AM
Congratulations from me, also, Irene. I can really recommend being a Granny.

Welcome to all the new members - I am sure you will come to realise that we are all one big happy (well, most of the time) family.

I am Margaret, a Foodlovers member since way back when. I live in Ashburton with my hubby of almost 39 years, have 2 sons - one in Palmerston North and the other here in Ashburton - 1 grandson and 2 step-granddaughters all here in Ashburton. I am originally fom Auckland but spent 30 odd years in Hastings before we moved here.

A long time arthritic, I still love to do as much handcraft as I am able, and really enjoy choral singing.
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 11:27AM
Congratulations Irene and George and of course great Aunty Lynette....

My name is Zeetra, I live In Tokoroa with my hubby of almost 10 years (yes im one of the young-ins) and our 2 children.

I cant not remember when I joined FL, but the advice and I have recieved has been amazing. Everyone has been so lovely on here.

I have also accumulated many recipes and I also am stilll learning about baking and cooking as my mum wasnt a baker etc to show me how to do these things.
So im getting advice from all these fantastic people.

I have only met Irene from here (I think)... and she has been so lovely to myself and my family, she is like an adopted grannie to my kids (they secretly love George)...

I look foward to getting to know all the newbies...

Zeetra xx
Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 06:46PM

Myself Snoreta. I am new here in this forum. I am very much glad to be a member here.


alcoholism treatment

Re: Welcome
April 03, 2009 08:57PM
Well, that's some of us forum 'oldies' (re)introduced. Congrats. Irene & Lynette on the new addition to the family. Be nice to have some of the newbies introduce themselves, too.
Re: Welcome
April 04, 2009 12:12AM
Hi Toots here.I live in the hills of Hunua with my husband Steve ,his Mum of 85,30 ewes,2 goats 16 hens and a rooster.Have 3 grown sons ,2 married and one thinking about it! Two grandsons,Jayden 7 and our step grandson Jamie 18.Have been a member for a few years but don't yet claim to be one of the 'oldies!'
Re: Welcome
April 04, 2009 02:25AM
Hi Im Noeleen and live in Hamilton. Married with 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Been on Foodlovers for ages and usually check it couple times a week. Enjoy cooking and travelling. Just got back from Bali and sampled yummy dishes which I hope to recreate at home. Am hoping to start a B&B soon so getting my breakfast dishes perfected.
Re: Welcome
April 04, 2009 09:05AM
Hi, I'm Penny. I live on a lifestyle block out of Tauranga with my husband and (usually) 2 of our 4 sons. Currently we also have number 2 son living with us with his fiance and baby daughter. I work part-time as a librarian, study part-time and try to keep up with my large vegie garden and home orchard. I have been a FL member almost from the beginning.

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Re: Welcome
April 04, 2009 11:02AM
Hello I am Judy.

I visit FL's every day and altho not a newbie I am not an oldie either.
I do not post very often but I just luv the contacts and the interac tion with everyone. Have learnt so much about everyone I feel I know you all. Tremendous site and have gained a lot of knowledge from eveyone.

I live on the Kapiti Coast, have small garden which I just luv, cycle a lot and decided to get back into "cooking - baking" - in a small way that is - that is why I cycle - to work it off.
My thanks to you all
Re: Welcome
April 04, 2009 12:40PM
Hi Folks
I am Stephanie from West Auckland. I have been a member for ages. I am a teacher, married with university student son. I am a cyclist too,Judy, for the same reasons. I cook, garden and sew. I have met some really lovely people on this site.
Re: Welcome
April 05, 2009 10:21AM
Hello everyone I am Jean and live West of Huntly on a farm with my partner of 11 years. I own a small farm adjoining in my own right. Enjoy my heifers that I fatten and the calves that I rear as well as the cat, 2 dogs(farm) and 3 chookies We haven't been without eggs since we got our first ones 3 years ago. We got too many eggs for us so gave some of the chooks away and can still give eggs away.
I have a Son in NZ with his partner and 2 sons and a Daughter in Australia with her husband and 2 daughters They were over last month.
I have always enjoyed cooking and learnt on a wood range and no power. ! Bottle and make jams chutneys and anything in between. The problem is that Mr likes his meat and 3 veg but he does like the baking and desserts and enjoys the fruit.

Re: Welcome
April 05, 2009 10:36AM

I live in Hamilton, have two sons aged 7 and 4. I work from home and study from home and look after the boys, so lots of juggling.

I like cooking mostly, I enjoy trying new foods and like all types of food. I am an experienced cook but not super advanced. I like making a variety of things from Asian food to Italian food to home baking to traditional kiwi family meals. I tend not to make complicated or fiddly things - such as decorating cakes, or things with lots of stages. I enjoy dining out but don't get out all that much - kids and budget constraints. Although sometimes the cheaper meals can be more fun than the expensive ones.

I read most days and post when I can offer something - which is not all that often! I have had some good ideas from here and do enjoy the recipe bank too. And I like to read the articles and pick up some knowledge. There are obviously some great cooks/gardeners/preservers on the forum and it is great to share in the knowledge.
Re: Welcome
April 05, 2009 12:32PM
My name is Chris. I live in Auckland and work in a law firm. I am married with one adult son. I have been a member of foodlovers for a few years now. Although I don't contribute all that much I do check this site nearly every day. I have found the foodlovers members generally warm and friendly people who go out of their way to help out with advice if asked.
I love reading and gardening, and cooking most of the time but baking I find difficult. I have yet to produce an acceptable banana cake/loaf - even the "idiot proof" one eludes me - what does that say?????? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy this site and the lovely people here and the way newcomers are made to feel welcome.
Re: Welcome
April 05, 2009 02:49PM
HI Im a new poster who has cooked since ive been tall enough to reach the kitchen counter whils perched on a stool. atahis site is a godsend and im hoping the american ladies amongst you can offer some old recipes I can try as the cakes you produce look immense. Thanks to all for the warm wellcome.
Re: Welcome
April 05, 2009 02:50PM
HI Im a new poster who has cooked since ive been tall enough to reach the kitchen counter whilst perched on a stool. This site is a godsend and im hoping the american ladies amongst you can offer some old recipes I can try as the cakes you produce look immense. Thanks to all for the warm wellcome.
Re: Welcome
April 06, 2009 05:27AM
Hiya, I am Kathie and I have been a member of FoodLovers for over 5 years now. I have a teenage University Student as a son and live with MM Uncle Nicholas (My Handbreak and obviously not my real uncle). We are living in Papakura.
Welcome to you newbies.
I was just thinking that if we looked back through the last couple of times we have had these types of threads, we can see the changes in some of our lives.
Re: Welcome
April 06, 2009 07:31AM
Hi all,

Ive been a member for roughly 2 years, but i dont think ive ever posted anything up until now! Im 23 and live in Auckland, i love cooking and baking and am definately looking forward to making some hearty wintery meals in the up coming months. Thanks to all the great ideas and the inspiration ive got from you all
smiling smiley
Re: Welcome
April 06, 2009 07:33AM

I'm a newbie... well, sort of...

I started reading FL a couple of years ago after stumbling across it from a google search. Since then I have been a silent reader, often referring to it while on our OE too. I have only recently joined up smiling smiley

I'm married, recently returned to NZ from London, and no children (yet!), unless you count our two ratbag ginger kittens (Peanut and Tigger).

We are new to living on the Kapiti Coast (previously from Wellington) on our little piece of 1/2 acre paradise. I am starting to think about growing our own vege's, although haven't got a clue where to start nor do I have a good history with plants... got to start somewhere I guess smiling smiley

I have been cooking for as long as I can remember, and have many happy memories of helping my Nana prepare meals, baking, special xmas treats, and the annual preserves. I don't consider myself an expert, but competent, and willing to give most things a go. I love entertaining and cooking meals for friends, and my all time favourite meals when entertaining are good, traditional, home cooked (from scratch) meals that most of my friends don't know how to do. I also enjoy a raft of handcrafts (cross-stitch, sewing, quilting, teddybears, scrapbooking, but mainly knitting), which is also rare amongst my generation. I put this down to being raised by a grandparent.

Thanks for the thread - a great way to "meet" others who regularly use this forum.
Re: Welcome
April 06, 2009 07:44AM
G'day, I'm Louisa and I joined this forum a year or two ago.

I live on a lifestyle block in North Canterbury with my husband and our three sons, aged between 4 and 11. We take advantage of the land by growing our own pork, beef, lamb, eggs, and some veggies. As you can imagine, we have many freezers!

I am also a small chilli grower - actually, the chillies are quite large, but our operation is quite small (about 700 plants this year). I have just started processing the chillies, having got our 'spare' kitchen licenced, so it's a rather exciting (and busy) time.

When I'm not squashing aphids or boiling vinegar, I work from home as a business law writer and occasional freelancer of more creative missives.

I only really discovered culinary pleasure when I was in my 30s. It began when I went on an evening course - gourmet cooking - to escape the cabin fever from which I was suffering at home with my first baby. (I have since discovered medication for cabin fever, it's red, comes in a 750ml bottle, and it can be used in cooking... Cheers!).

Previous to that, I was an unadventurous cook in my 20s, when the highlight of my kitchen productions was spaghetti bolognaise - using cheap mince. I lived in the UK at the time, and if I have contracted mad cow disease as a result, then that would explain a lot.

I think it took me so long to enjoy the creativity of slow food for two reasons.

Firstly, my Mum hated cooking. To her, it was a necessary evil that had to be endured to get nutrients into her children.

Secondly, my father, brother and sister are all outstanding cooks. My father - an Irishman who emigrated to Toronto, Canada - hosted the most delicious meals, he was a legend amongst his friends. Indeed, he wrote three or four cook books, which I often use today. He is probably one of the few parents in the 1970s who expected his children to eat octopus stew or chilli-marinaded eggplant. I have his photo on my kitchen wall (he is sadly now deceased) to be my inspiration. Anyway, I just assumed I would never be as good at cooking as my family members, so I didn't try.

I don't post very often on this forum, but I check it out several times a week. I find it fascinating and inspiring to read about what other people are doing in their kitchens!
Re: Welcome
April 06, 2009 07:59AM
Well, I am a regular foodlover, and have been for about 6 or 7 years I think - maybe longer!! I am 35 and live on the North Shore with my fabulous husband of 8 years. We dont have any children yet, but we are hoping! While I have lived on the North Shore for 11 years, I am a South Islander at heart, growing up Invercargill, going to university in Dunedin and mum and Dad now live in Christchurch.

I am a partner in my law firm and have been for nearly 3 years. Food and cooking (and baking) is my passion and I started my own blog about 18 months ago []

My other interests are running (although a stress fracture has slowed me down this year), weight training, reading and i have just gotten into sewing. I also love entertaining and cant wait to move into the house we have been building - not long to go now smiling smiley

I have met some of the lovely foodlover ladies and enjoy being part of the foodlovers community

Re: Welcome
April 07, 2009 03:56AM
Farmaway, I just want to say thanks for writing that - it was delightful to read.
Re: Welcome
April 07, 2009 04:54AM
Hi there,
I started foodlovers almost 10 years ago. 10 years in September I think so if anyone has any great ideas on a 10th birthday celebration then do let me know!

I live in Auckland, originally from the south island - Hokitika.

Ed and I have Daisy (7), Jemima (5) and Freddie (4) plus Ed's daughter Greta (13).

Originally I was a primary school teacher who gradually moved from the classroom to the kitchen.
Aside from foodlovers I co host the Radio Live kitchen and garden show on Saturday mornings (6-10am) with Tony Murrell and I am the food editor of the NZWW.

I also am a trustee of Guardian Angels - a trust that cares for financially disadvantaged families with a terminally ill child.

I am a keen novice gardener - we have lots of fruit trees, 2 established raised vegetable beds and a new garden waiting to be filled and then planted.

Foodlovers is really important to me and I love the sense of community that has formed over the years. We seldom have any forum issues and I feel very privileged to be part of this. Thanks everyone for hanging out here!


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Re: Welcome
April 07, 2009 07:54AM
Hi, I am Marnie (my childhood nickname for a longer name) and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through this thread.

My husband and I live in Tauranga, which we love, although I was born and bred (and some would say I am bigoted!) in the South Island, living in both the West Coast and Canterbury. Our two children have grown and flown. One does accountancy work in Auckland and one is an engineer in Brisbane. Our three grandsons are aged 5 and twins aged 3 ½ are in Brisbane.

I no longer work full time and was happy to swap a business suit for jeans and tee shirt; and I am now a tutor for adults who have any problems with literacy or numeracy. Mostly working one on one.

We also love travelling in New Zealand as well as further afield.

Several months ago I found Foodlover's when I was looking for a site with a forum, to replace one which no longer suited me and I love the way Helen, as moderator, allows the free flow of ideas. Thanks to all who so willingly share ideas and experiences. You are fantastic and even though I have never personally met any other forum members, I feel I almost know many of you. Welcome to all new new members, I hope you will enjoy this forum as much as I do.


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