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Good all round pan....

Posted by LJB 
Good all round pan....
June 21, 2009 09:09AM
Hi there,

We've had a Jamie Oliver fricasee pan for three years - and the non-stick has packed up on us. We do use it nearly every day, so we've had a fairly good run with it, but it was nearly $300 so we'd want to!

Would love to hear your opinions on Scanpan versus Circulon etc?

We have two Le Creuset casseroles that we use for stews, tagines etc and anything that needs cooking on top first, but wondered if there might be a Le Creuset product that would do the job as a good overall deep frypan, we use the Jamie Oliver for everything from rissotto to sauces to stirfries.

Would love to hear your experiences - preferably prefer to invest in something that we'll get years and years out of!

Re: Good all round pan....
June 21, 2009 09:26AM

5 years ago we inherited 2 x cast iron pans when we bought our house. I am now a total convert, they don't stick, look exactly the same as the day we moved it, are a great depth for frying but also get used lots for meals that get started on the stove and finished in the oven.
I really recommend cast iron as something that is reasonably priced ( Briscoes sell them for about $30) and will last years and years.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 21, 2009 01:15PM
I am really disappointed with Circulon. I bought a set of frying pans and a wok, but they are no longer 'non-stick' after 2 years use. I have since spoken with a lady who works at Stevens (not where I purchased) and she said that they are not really designed to stand intense heat,hot oil etc. My parents bought a set of 3 saucepans, which I inherited; these have fared better and are seriously old.
As per # 2 poster have 2 very old cast iron frypans, and they are fabulous, and were very cheap. I think a Warehouse purchase about 25 or so years ago!
Re: Good all round pan....
June 21, 2009 03:32PM
I have a Le Creuset casserole that gets used a massive amount and I love it. I would love one of their pan's, but they are a bit beyond me at the moment. I have had it with non-stick pans and the next pan I buy will be cast iron. Any suggestions?
Re: Good all round pan....
June 21, 2009 11:35PM
Sorry I find cast iron far too heavy to work with, especially when the container is full of food. I don't use non stick either as I find they have an awful smell and I wonder what is going in my food from the pan. My frying pans are stainless from a commercial chef supplier and were very cheap.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 22, 2009 01:25AM
I bought a wok shaped frypan for general purpose cooking while living in the UK last year. We couldn't afford to spend much on multiple pans, nor could we afford the space in the tiny kitchen! It was just a cheapie from a local Tesco Supermarket (£20???)

It has been the most useful pan I have ever owned, but unfortunatley don't actually know what it is... I've never seen anything else like it over here before. It's non-stick, but not as a coating on a pan. It is a dark charcoal colour, and is a solid material that has non-stick properties. It seems to behave in a similar way to my good old cast iron pan, but without the weight.

If we ever go back to the UK for a holiday, I will be stocking up on a variety of different shaped pans and posting them home (by sea!)

Sorry I can't be more helpful than that, as I don't know what it is made of, or where you can get them here, but it is my favourite smiling smiley

Re: Good all round pan....
June 22, 2009 11:02PM
Has anyone tried those stone ones advertised on TV? I am always very anti any advertorial like theirs that doesn't give you the price but make you ring the 0800 number before sending you into deep shock.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 22, 2009 11:10PM
i also have jamie oliver pans, i thought they had a lifetime guarantee you could check this out then no need to buy a new one
Re: Good all round pan....
June 22, 2009 11:18PM
I too have a wok pan [ceramic hob] and use it almost every night. This style of pan is very popular in commercial kitchens too. I'm thinking of upgrading to something a little more durable as the one I have needs constant oiling to prevent rusting. The advatage of this sort of steel is that it gets very, very hot and its fairly light weight- nothing worse than heavy wok. I'll want something comparable. Might look in London later this year, but then I'd have to lug it home...
Re: Good all round pan....
June 22, 2009 11:40PM
I have a couple of the Prestige ceramic pans that are like the stones ones advertised on TV but these were much cheaper especially if you wait for a half price sale. They are excellent to cook with, completely non stick like the ones on TV but I can't say how long they will last yet as they are a fairly recent purchase. I purchased them because some else on Foodlovers recommended them. By the way they are available at Farmers.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 23, 2009 12:05AM
I have a few scanpans which I really like. You can use them on the stove top, and in the oven, I have a large frying pan, a dutch oven and a large risotto style pan, all of which have glass lids. Stevens sometimes has good prices on these items. I got my risotto one for $150, down from I think about $275. i know I will have it for many years to come, my fry pan is at least 13 yrs old and is used most nights of the week.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 23, 2009 05:13AM
I love my scanpans and have a host of them in different shapes and sizes (thanks Sharon for putting me on to them smiling smiley ). Unfortunately, I bought mine at a time when they had just changed the manufacturing process which led to problems with the surface two years down the track. However, the company stood by the lifetime guarantee and have replaced all of them and the problem hasn't recurred. I was fortunate in that when I returned them the scanpan rep was in-store, inspected them, and replaced them on the spot with an apology and an explanation. That was at Peters of Kensington which won't be accessible for most Kiwis.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 25, 2009 02:41AM
Hi Kayc,

As I am also looking for new frypan, looked in Farmer's yesterday at the Prestige, it looks ok but isn't quite as heavy as the stone ones.
I am going to Moore Wilsons tomorrow and they have a great selection so will try and decide tomorrow. Do you use any oil etc in your pan? and so far food has not been sticking, is that right?
Years ago I used cast iron and I still have a hankering for another cast iron pan, a lot of the ppans are so light.
OK well roll on tomorrow


Re: Good all round pan....
June 25, 2009 05:40AM
Hi Judy,
I don't use oil in the pan and nothing has stuck so far. I seasoned the pan with oil as per the instructions before using the first time. I find they cook evenly even though they aren't all that heavy.
Re: Good all round pan....
June 25, 2009 08:03AM

Thanks very much, they did look good pans and Prestige well known so will definitely look tomorrow, quite a big choice isn't there but I feel if someone can recommend and has tried things out it is a big help.
Let you know what I do,
Re: Good all round pan....
June 27, 2009 12:25AM
I have a scanpan which I love, but have had to have it replaced. I saw a demo of the "stone" pans which are advertised on TV at the Foodshow in Wellington and was really impressed. Would like to try one myself, but couldn't quite convince myself I "needed one". Let us know what you decided - incidentally the one the demo compared itself it was a Jamie O one which the coating had deteriorated on. My friend has a scanpan which has given up the ghost - she uses a liner in it. She bought it at a "show" so is unable to take it back to the retailer to get replaced - any ideas what she should do to get a replacement one, as I had no trouble going back to the shop I bought it from. Janet
Re: Good all round pan....
June 27, 2009 08:34AM
Well, looked round at Moore Wilsons and they had beautiful pans but the really decent ones were out of my price range.
That decided me, back to Farmers I went today, the Prestige did look and feel fine. On Wed or Thur they were advertising buy one and get one free so thought that pretty good deal. Today when I went in they were all halfprice - whoopdidooo!!!
Didn't hesitate, have seasoned it etc and intend trying it out tonight by cooking steak, that will be a real test.
Thanks a lot for input
Re: Good all round pan....
June 28, 2009 12:55PM
Prestige pan worked really well......
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