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Feijoa Paste

Posted by Janet or Emma 
Feijoa Paste
April 28, 2012 11:22PM
In some old posts on feijoas I found mention of making feijoa paste using a crockpot. Has anyone tried it, and can you give me times, temp, etc. Failing that I'll try another method, but just need some direction. Thanks, Janet
Re: Feijoa Paste
June 06, 2012 01:43PM
Hi Janet, I recently tried to make the feijoa paste in my slow cooker, afer 6 hours it hadn't reduced much, so I I put cling film onto my baking trays, put my oven on 50deg fan bake and left it overnight. Of couse I forgot about it...but DH noticed the oven on at lunchtime and turned it off... So the feijoa dried out, it peels off the cling film easily, and at first it is just a rough texture feel in the mouth, but then the burst of feijoa flavour is incredible. I have had to hide it from the children, the just kept eating it. Very chewy, I guess I dried it out too much. I plan to chop it up finely, and sprinkle it over cereal for breakfast.
Have fun!
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