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glutinous black rice

Posted by lynley 
glutinous black rice
June 08, 2012 05:52AM
I saw a recipe for this recently (you would think I would learn, and write these things down!)and gathered some ingredients - now I cant remember where I saw the recipe - I think it may have been on food tv - perhaps masterchef? but I cant find the recipe - the onlyone I can find is for one on my kitchen rules - on tvnz - but I dont watch that! and it's not quite right...anyone see that recently?

Four legs good, two legs bad. George Orwell
Re: glutinous black rice
June 08, 2012 05:54AM
Ha ha, I had to laugh when I read your post, as at almost the same time I posted looking for a different recipe.... And my dilemma would have been solved by writing it down too! I am not the only one, clearly! Hope someone can help you smiling smiley
Re: glutinous black rice
June 11, 2012 10:43PM
Smart phones are the answer, take a photo of the page when you are browsing- I had this problem until I started taking pictures. I know there is a copyright issue but to me 1 page is the same as copying it out.
Re: glutinous black rice
June 11, 2012 11:09PM
Why don't you add to your Favourites at the time you see it? The link to the recipe then sits in your Favourites, ready to find. You can always cull your Favourites list every now and again if it gets too long. I have folders for the links I want to keep and then a long, running, changing list of temporary links to whatever I might want to go back to.

Do you use Favourites? I can give more detail if you don't know much about it.

The other option is have a permanent Word document where you can paste the website link (url address) for future reference, and/or the recipe itself. To copy the recipe (or the url) from the website, you just highlight it with your mouse, keyboard Ctrl + c (c = copy), go to your Word doc, keyboard Ctrl + v (v = paste). Once the recipe's pasted into your Word doc, you'll see a little box at the end. Click on the box - options will come up. The top three options are Keep Source Formatting, Match Destination Formatting, and Keep Text Only. If you choose Keep Text Only it gets rid of all the pictures, hyperlinks, codings, some formatting, coloured bits, etc, so you're left with the text. You can then go through the text and tidy it up further if you wish, leaving the recipe itself. This can save a lot of ink if you're printing the recipe out.

Re: glutinous black rice
June 12, 2012 12:46AM
I think it was on tv! I have married a few recipes I managed to find - together as one, all is not lost - pretty simple recipe - more of a method - thanks for all your help everyone - apart from taxes and death - the one thing you can always rely on is foodlovers!

Four legs good, two legs bad. George Orwell
Re: glutinous black rice
June 12, 2012 01:00AM
Oh, sorry Lynley, I thought you might have meant TV but it kind of reads that you might mean the TV websites so I decided to cover that base, in case. Do they show the recipe in written form on the TV at the end or something? If so, Stephanie's idea of taking a photo is very good.
Re: glutinous black rice
June 12, 2012 06:15AM
J1, I'm a bit dense when it comes to computers nowadays; strange considering I trained many companies' employees in the 80's when their employers installed computers for the first time!

However, I do what you suggest and immediately save recipes and other stuff to favourites. However my favourites list is so long to get to the last saved one I have to scroll down for a very long time to get to it. I have seen there is an option for sorting(?) favourites but have no idea how to do it and am terrified of losing everything!

Any quick basic tips on how to make it a little easier to put into categories etc. to find them again easier??
Re: glutinous black rice
June 12, 2012 08:50AM
Hi Judy, I was on computers back in 1978 (Wang!!!) so I can understand how they can be totally bamboozling these days – they’ve changed so much and they don’t come with a manual anymore! (Well, not a print version anyway smiling smiley ).

If you’re worried about losing your Favourites, you can save (i.e. backup) them. It’s a bit hard giving instructions when I don’t know what systems people are running on but to save them goes something like this:
Go to Computer>Local Disk C. Click on the Users folder. In there, is there a folder that has your name or the name of the person that the computer was first recorded under (e.g. another family member’s name)? If so, click on it. You’ll see it contains more folders titled things like My Pictures, My Documents, Downloads, and also one called Favourites. If you click on that Favourites folder, you’ll see it contains all your Favourites from the internet. The list might look a bit different but that’s because, in here, it’s in alphabetical order.

So if ever you want to save/back up your Favourites, you can go to this folder on your system and right click it, and choose send to floppy disk/CD/DVD/flash drive….whatever backup storage device you’re using - just the same as you would when backing up document files or photos. Sometimes some of the Favourites won’t back up because they’re lacking a bit of data - you just have to live with that (well, there might be an answer but I’ve never bothered finding out).

This is often the best place to organise Favourites as well, and also to delete lots of links at once, rather than doing it via the Favourites tab on the internet page.

So, you’ve done your Favourites backup just in case your organisation is going to muck things up. Still staying in the same place on your system, you can now can create New Folders and title them – e.g. Food, Health, Youtube, Blogs, Science, Gardening, etc. Can you see how to create New Folders there? Then you can drag and drop the links into the folders, or (instead) right click on them and cut and paste into the folders.

Do you know how to pick up a whole lot at once rather than doing them one by one? In case you don’t:
1. If you want to pick up a block of them (e.g. 10 in a row), mouse click on the top one, then hold down Shift and at the same time mouse click on the bottom one – they should all highlight. Release the shift key – they should all remain highlighted – hover somewhere over the highlighted area and mouse right click and choose Cut. Double click on the Folder you want to put them into and press Ctrl + v (v = paste). They should appear in the folder.
2. If you want to pick up, say, 10 links but they’re scattered through the list, you do much the same as above but instead of holding down Shift you hold down Ctrl and click on the 10 links as and where you find them.

An organisation idea is to have all your Folders at the top of your Favourites, followed by ones you have no folder for but want to keep awhile, followed by the random ones you add on each day. Sometimes it’s good to have a folder titled Keep where you can store all the random ones you want to keep indefinitely that can’t be categorised under anything else. You can also have sub-folders within the main folders. For instance, in your Food folder, you could have sub-folders titled Recipe Websites, Food & Health, Food Blogs, Favourite Recipes, Food & Kitchen Shops, etc.

Other people might have other ways of doing it, or more helpful suggestions to offer. That is a very basic version. Ask more questions if I haven’t explained things properly or if your system is too different. You can also, of course, do the organising from the Favourites tab on the internet page instead.

Oh, and if you've successfully organised your Favourites without losing anything, do another backup so you have a lovely backup of all your new folders, etc.

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Re: glutinous black rice
June 15, 2012 04:12AM
You should also have the option to search your favourites (in firefox it's ctrl-b) and by typing the name of the recipe, or whatever of it you remember is enough to narrow down the list to only a couple of links. I too suffered from bookmark-blowout and rather than throw away time sorting it out I just use the search.
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