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Thermomix feedback

Posted by Blenda 
Thermomix feedback
August 07, 2012 12:20PM
Earlier in the week I attended a demo for the thermomix machine. While this is a great machine I feel it comes with an inflated pricetag. I am interested to hear feedback and/or views on these machines. It is very easy to get swept along with the excitement of it all while at the demos but I wonder if they are worth their cost or if they will be something that sits unused when the novelty has worn off.

Interestly enough when I had a look on trademe there were none so assume that those that do buy them keep them, so wonder if that is a good sign?
Thanks in advance.
Re: Thermomix feedback
August 07, 2012 01:01PM
There's a thread from 2010 about it but ultimately it doesn't have much info...[]

Someone might have bought one in the meantime and be able to offer more feedback.
Re: Thermomix feedback
August 08, 2012 01:10AM
I think Lynley has one so will ask her to post if she does.
Re: Thermomix feedback
August 09, 2012 12:01AM
Thanks J1, that previous thread was very helpful and confirmed what I was also thinking, if you already have the individual gadgets then this would be a double-up. I can certainly see the value of it, but I think it is something to buy at the beginning of your cooking life, before collecting the usual array of appliances.
If anyone else was interested I came across a very similar machine at a much cheaper price - called the Thermochef - at a quick glance it does the same things.
Re: Thermomix feedback
August 10, 2012 01:25PM
Try this link, I think it will help anyone who doesn't really understand how a Thermomix can benefit everyone, especially people with special dietary needs. I wouldn't be without mine and I don't have any special needs!! What it can save in making everything from scratch is only a start of the benefits of owning one of these!!!

Re: Thermomix feedback
August 10, 2012 11:45PM
I have a thermomix and I use it every day - there is no way this machine sits in a cupboard languishing with other gadgets, unused and unloved! I love it!

I needed a new food processor and was looking for a replacement with a stainless bowl - apart from the commercial robo coupe (sp) there aren't any - I arranged for a demo - and promptly ordered.

There is a hefty price tag attached to the stainless bowl and its fancy foundation, but really over a year later I feel it justifies the cost - mainly because of the everyday uses.

The blade and bowl are still as sharp and intact as the day I bought it - the inbuilt scales are so handy, no need to weigh anything - although I still use my scales as well of course for when I am not using the thermomix - so it doesn't replace them per se. On this vein - I really use a thermomix alongside other appliances - such as food mixer. I have to say there are a lot of people really really involved and excited about thermomix - they are creating new uses and recipes all the time - and their blogs. websites and facebook pages deserve greater investigation.

One of the most wonderful uses is for soup, cook and blend in one machine - although - limited by volume if catering for many. My hummus is now so very creamy and the time is takes to create this is mere seconds.

Milling grains for flour - esp gluten free - spectacular results
Making icing sugar - wonderful
Blending green smoothies with ice - wow

I have made quince paste with whole quince before - such a time saver. AND NO SPLASHING!

The steamer is wonderful - so easy to clean and doesn't clutter the stove top like a bamboo steamer on a wok.

Heat mix and then froth for hot drinks

I used it full time in a commercial kitchen for a time - invaluable - although I have to say if you are after a rustic finish for say pesto or salsa verde - then you need a to be very careful not to over process. - it just loves to take care of the business.







It seems there are an abundance of Spanish Thermomix recipes books - and only a handful of Australian ones - I expect this to change as more people buy and use this incredibly versatile machine.

I do not sell them nor do I know anyone who does - but well worth the investment - easy to use, clean and more and more uses are becoming apparent all the time - the facebook pages are particularly useful as users post their experiences realtime.

I dont use it as much as I could and I use it everyday - you could get carried away - and its not too difficult to convert recipes so that each step is taken care of in a thermomix - although really when making things such as stews and spag bolognaise - it can be done- but is nowhere as good as a stovetop or slow cooker version.

I say if you can afford the investment - do it - Tenina - the Aussie woamn above actually demonstrates and creates recipes for some of the other copycat machines that are becoming available - perhaps they aren't as expensive?

This is quality machinery - I expect it to outlast most of my other kitchen equipment.

Good luck!

Four legs good, two legs bad. George Orwell
Re: Thermomix feedback
August 14, 2012 03:19AM
Thank you Lynley
you have just made it more difficult for me to decide :-)
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