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dutch croquettes

Posted by marylew 
dutch croquettes
May 04, 2014 08:27AM
does anyone have an easy recipe for dutch croquettes that are sold at cafes etc ?
Re: dutch croquettes
May 05, 2014 02:12AM
Do you mean like a bitterballen - with a combination of beef and veal ?
Re: dutch croquettes
May 05, 2014 07:28AM
yes ingrido, I didnt know what they were called but that definitely is the filling thanks.I could know google it but if anyone has an easy tried and true recipe i would appreciate it
Re: dutch croquettes
May 09, 2014 02:54AM
This is my dutch neighbour's recipe and she made the best Bitterballen - I have typed it exactly as it is handwritten from her recipe book (so you may need to read through first to get all the ingredients - hope it helps!) GOOD LUCK!

500grams Veal Steak or beef steak
salt/ pepper
Bay leaves
Approx 1 litre water

Put meat in the water with salt and pepper and bay leaf. Bring to the boil and simmer until meat is tender.
Take meat out of bouillon and let it cool down. Cut meat into little pieces.
From the bouillon (water with spices) you make the sauce.

Melt 200grams of butter in a pan. Stir 250grams of arrowroot through the butter, put the pan on the stove and stir the butter and arrowroot on low heat for approx 5 minutes.
Turn off the stove. Add bit by bit to the bouillon (to make a roux).

Bring it back to the boil to thicken.

Add 2-3 egg yolks to the sauce, salt and pepper, a pinch of nutmeg and a little stock powder. Add the meat and let the roux cool down.

Make little balls, roll these through breadcrumbs and then again through a mixture of egg whit and a little vegetable oil (mixed up together) and again through the breadcrumbs.

Heat oil in deep frypan or depp fryer till 180 and fry until golden.
Re: dutch croquettes
May 09, 2014 11:36PM
Go to Dutch Delight in Birkenhead Auckland for your Bitterballen fix - its owned by a lovely Dutch family.
If you are making them at home, make sure you invest in some dutch mustard for that authentic flavour.
Totally addictive and delicious!
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