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Smoked Chicken?

Posted by Vanessa 
Smoked Chicken?
October 09, 2015 11:34PM
Do you buy it?
Do you smoke your own?
How do you use it?
Can you make stock from the bones?
What about freezing it?

I like the taste but often find it a bit "raw looking" especially around the bone. I usually make sandwiches, salads and wraps but wondering if you have any other ideas?
Re: Smoked Chicken?
October 10, 2015 03:48AM
I buy it, Countdown has a free range one, I use it a lot in pasta, salad, it makes a mean chicken pie too. Pretty much anywhere you use cooked chicken can be adapted. Yes you can make stock with the bones (try a vege and bacon soup using that stock). I often make a salad with avocado and greens, red onion, smoked chicken, bacon, pawpaw or mango, and a herby dressing, sprinkle with pinenuts.
Re: Smoked Chicken?
October 10, 2015 08:39AM
Ohhhh bacon and vege soup with smoked chicken stock sounds delicious.

I often find the smoked legs and wings harder to deal with though and prefer the breasts which is unlike me, Im usually a thighs/legs eater.
Re: Smoked Chicken?
October 20, 2015 02:17PM
I do it myself. Brine it poach it and then smoke it. What I don't use I freeze.
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