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Best Breakfast

Posted by helen 
Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 01:26AM
For the first time in a long time I am not hungry mid morning due to Chia 'pudding" for breakfast.
I am feeling almost too satisfied so need to cut back on the quantity but essentially I have had 1/4 cup chia seeds soaked overnight in 1 cup of almond or coconut milk. Then topped with a dollop of yoghurt, frozen blueberries, few toasted nuts and some toasted coconut chips. I did do a tiny drizzle of maple syrup as well.
As said, I think I need to reduce the chia a little as I am feeling a little too satisfied but surely a healthy breakfast option.

Does anyone else have chia for breakfast?
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 03:01AM
Chia seeds are a third fat (100g has 30g of fat) plus coconut milk is a quarter fat so the fat content's probably slowing digestion and creating fullness for longer (and that's not a criticism of fat).
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 04:29AM
Eek that seems like a lot of fat.
I am still getting my head around high fat diets being OK.
It takes quite a lot of re programming to understand.
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 04:44AM
I just checked on my coconut milk and it is the So Good brand and mixed with water.
So only 3% fat.
I didn't think it tasted that rich so went to check.
I definitely need to reduce the chia seeds though as at 1pm I was still satisfied.
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 11:41AM
It seems a shame that you feel satisfied but also that you need to cut back on the chia seeds. If you feel good, why change it. They are all healthy fats in the breakfast I think.
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 11:45AM
I too occasionally eat chia porridge for breakfast & agree with you about how it does seem to fill you. But I think it may be a combination of the fat content too which will keep you fuller for longer as your body digests it all, whereas carbs/cereal may be absorbed (by some) more quickly. This is my understanding of some of the Banting (low carb, high fat) reading that I have done.
Its a nice breakfast, but does take some pre-organisation as its too late in the morning when I wish that I had soaked the seeds the evening before for my brekkie smiling smiley
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 12:36PM
Plates I actually felt uncomfortably full and think that by 1pm it is time to feel like eating lunch. smiling smiley
Re: Best Breakfast
June 23, 2016 04:13PM
Take healthy Breakfast. Oats is good for health. Prepare Oats Idli Recipe.smiling smiley


1 ½ Cup Oats Powder
¾ Cup Whole Wheat Rava
2 Cups Buttermilk
Salt To Taste
½ Teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon Carrot Grated
1 Green Chili
Fistful Green Peas
¼ Teaspoon Mustard
1 Tablespoon Oil
PinchT urmeric
5 Leaves Curry Leaves
½ Tablespoon Coriander Leaves


Step1- Place a pan and oil to it
Step2- Heat the oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds
Step3 Add curry leaves and turmeric powder
Step4 Saute them for few seconds and add curry leaves along with grated carrot
Step5 Saute them on low flame and add oats, rava, salt
Step6 Mix them well and add buttermilk to it
Step7 Mix them well to make a thick paste
Step8 Off the flame and set them aside
Step9 Once the batter is cool add pinch of baking soda to it
Step10 Add one spoon of batter to plates and steam cook on low flame for about 12 minutes
Step11 Off the flame and place the idlis on a plate
Step12 The tasty Idli with Oats is ready to have.
Re: Best Breakfast
June 24, 2016 03:07AM
I have bought all the ingredients, and now just need to put together. How long does it keep in fridge? Do i have to make each night or can i make ahead for a few days?
Re: Best Breakfast
June 24, 2016 05:45AM
Recently I bought peanut butter with chia in it.
Its delicious, I put it in a smoothy.


Re: Best Breakfast
June 24, 2016 05:53AM
I have them added to my bircher muesli, and have made a "porridge" with them. I did not like the one I made so I will try your recipe.

I am trying to eat a more sustaining breakfast and lunch to avoid snacking - it is working, and I am retraining my habits at the moment.
Re: Best Breakfast
June 24, 2016 10:22PM
In summer I make these popsicles to have as dessert instead of ice cream. You can use whatever fruit you like:

Raspberry & Coconut Chia Popsicles

 ½ cup lite coconut milk
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
 ¾ cup raspberries
 2 tablespoons chia seeds
 1 tablespoon shredded coconut
 sugar/honey to taste

Combine all ingredients except raspberries in a large container. Mix well and close container; refrigerate 4 hours so the chia expands.  

Spoon the mixture into the popsicle moulds and push a few raspberries to different levels into each mould (use a chopstick).

Put the lids on and freeze for 5-6 hours.
Re: Best Breakfast
July 06, 2016 06:57AM
That idli recipe sounds like my type of breakfast over the chia pudding. However, I wouldn't be awake enough to prepare it in the morning!
Re: Best Breakfast
July 21, 2016 06:37AM
I like quite a different breakfast from most, I have 2 poached eggs on silverbeet, very yummy and keeps me going well till lunchtime. I have sometimes added a little bacon or ham.
Re: Best Breakfast
July 25, 2016 06:31PM
Chia seeds are a third fat (100g has 30g of fat) plus coconut milk is a quarter fat so the fat content's probably slowing digestion and creating fullness for longer qua oc cho mua o dau
Re: Best Breakfast
July 11, 2017 11:42PM
Raspberry porridge with chia seeds

Today, I used the best part of my raspberry shopping for my summer second breakfast. I recommend it for those who only drink coffee in the morning. The rolled oats and chia seeds ensure that it satisfies our hunger very well, and the empty bowl means that you are sorry the dish was so small.

The inspiration for this dish comes from "Smaki zycia" ("Flavour of Life"winking smiley by Agnieszka Maciag.

100g of raspberries
3 teaspoons of honey
3 tablespoons of rolled oats
2 teaspoons of chia seeds
3 teaspoons of natural yoghurt
raspberries, blueberries, banana slices, cashews, sesame seeds

the complete recipe is here

Flora205 Warsaw/Poland
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