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Fresh turmeric

Posted by helen 
Fresh turmeric
August 02, 2016 01:18AM
I know that fresh turmeric is available at markets around NZ.
Is it available at present and can you point me in the direction of a market or grower that has this?

I would rather buy NZ grown than frozen imported.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 02, 2016 07:36AM
The Mediterranean Market in Wanaka has got Tumeric right now. Bit far for you though...
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 04, 2016 12:26PM
I've seen fresh turmeric sometimes at organic & wholefood shops. Maybe try there is there's one near you, or ethnic(Ind1an) grocery shops perhaps?
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 04, 2016 09:52PM
Of all the unlikely places, New World in Warkworth regularly has fresh turmeric next to the garlic.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 05, 2016 12:10PM
Our New World here in Whitianga has fresh turmeric tubers, also with the garlic, shallots and other 'exotic' things like coconuts and mangoes. Seems they lump all these goods together that they buy-in in small quantities and put them in a corner. That way they don't get lost and the customer knows where to look for them. Our 'small corner' is right at the beginning of the fruit shelves where it's easily seen and not overlooked.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 05, 2016 11:24PM
I have just bought some from Fruit World in Silverdale by Kings garden centre. They now stock a wonderful range of fresh spices, nuts & international foods & organics also a great variety of fresh vegies.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 06, 2016 01:11PM
New World in Christchurch sells large amounts of turmeric. I freeze it for later use.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 07, 2016 05:11AM
I've seen it in our local New World in Tauranga, also.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 07, 2016 09:23AM
Yup, seen here in our New World Masterton too.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 07, 2016 10:36PM
Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I will go searching today.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 08, 2016 11:29PM
I think new world in albany had some stocked in their organic veg section . Didn't check out the pricing though.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 12, 2016 10:09AM
How long will it keep & is it suitable to freeze because you buy a bunch & don't need it all one doesn't want to waste it.

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Re: Fresh turmeric
August 19, 2016 05:50AM
Lynn it is easy to freeze, just make sure you free flow freeze it so then it is easy to pull out and use.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 19, 2016 08:29AM
It's very similar to ginger so I'd imagine that it'd keep in much the same manner, and yes as Helen says it should freeze just fine and could be used from frozen as you would ginger.
Re: Fresh turmeric
August 29, 2016 07:10AM
Has anyone seen any fresh turmeric in Hamilton? I also wondered about the option of growing my own. Anyone doing this? Thanks, Janet
Re: Fresh turmeric
September 22, 2016 08:04AM
ya turmeric is great
and we have much in indonesia, now i have 1 ton...but dont know where to sale them.


Re: Fresh turmeric
September 22, 2016 10:11AM
Janet, I am glad we had the spam posted here as I keep seeing fresh turmeric at PnS Mill Street when I do my weekly shop, but when I get home I forget to post on here. I am not sure if you are still after it or not, but they have a lot

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Re: Fresh turmeric
September 22, 2016 11:50AM
I am about to plant some and this has reminded me that I must plant a new curry leaf as well.
Re: Fresh turmeric
September 25, 2016 07:22AM
Helen, can you buy the plant for growing or are you trying the fresh one from the shop?
Re: Fresh turmeric
October 07, 2016 09:39AM
I am just about to order turmeric plant from Russell Fransham at Fransham subtropicals.
Russell is confident that turmeric can be grown around NZ.
I am interviewing him on turmeric on radio live tomorrow at 6.50am if anyone is awake to listen. smiling smiley

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