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Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?

Posted by Sogogi110 
Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?
September 30, 2016 09:40AM
I was unexpectatly called away from home (and my garden) for serveral days, but forgot to tell my Okra plants I would be away. The little guys kept working as usual, and when I returned I had a nice crop of Okra pods, but very large pods - 6 to 7 inches long each!
I know they will be tough if I try to cook them normally, but hate to waste them, probably 25 or 30 pods.
Anyone have any recipies that might salvage them, either to 'tenderize' them or whatever! Thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?
October 01, 2016 04:19AM
I've never cooked with okra but what about a long slow cook in a crockpot or similar. Most things tenderise when cooked long and slow with wonderful flavours to complement them.
Re: Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?
October 01, 2016 04:54AM
Okra responds to long slow cooking by turning slimy and stringy, eventually the flesh dissolves and all that are left are the strings. I don't know of any way of retrieving over-mature okra. I wonder if you could deep-fry the pods?
Re: Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?
October 02, 2016 09:00AM
Thank you TPANDAV, I'll have to remember not to bother buying okra if I ever see it out this way!
Re: Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?
October 02, 2016 09:06AM
Lorna, okra is delicious when not overgrown, I buy it whenever I can find it. I was simply commenting on the idea of slow cooking it.
Re: Oversized Okra Pods, what-to-do?
October 04, 2016 06:20AM
The only way I've ever prepared okra is to cut into slices, crumb in cornmeal and pan fry. No idea if this would still be appropriate with older and larger pods though. I don't eat it, but it is a childhood comfort food for my husband.
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