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Kumara Salad.

Posted by marylew 
Kumara Salad.
November 20, 2016 06:53AM
Does anyone have a favourite Kumara Salad recipe.Just wanting variety for xmas day and it's something different for us.Thanks.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 20, 2016 08:39AM
I sometimes make a kumara salad with spring onions, roasted red capsicums, red onion, coriander and a dressing of coconut cream, lime juice. You could use basil or dill instead of coriander.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 20, 2016 08:59AM
There is one in Digby Law's Vegetable Cookbook (pg 147) which is my go to recipe.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 20, 2016 09:14AM
I often make a Kumara Salad that has bananas in it. It is very similar to this recipe:

Sometimes I add pieces of orange and whether you add curry powder, is your choice.
If you prefer a lighter dressing you could use a lemon vinaigrette.

I like the idea of the coconut cream and lime juice dressing that TPANDAV has posted.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 23, 2016 03:51AM
Thanks everyone I have some good ideas now,but Cass3112 I don't have the Digby Law cookbook but thanks anyway.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 23, 2016 06:08AM
Bacon pieces and /or roasted peanuts are also great in Kumara salads
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 23, 2016 11:32PM
Marylew, I've pm'd you the Digby Law recipe because it sounds rather nice.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 24, 2016 01:05AM
Hi this is my favourite one that I make a lot. As you can tell I have altered it to my own taste too.
open | download - Kumara, Bacon and Orange Salad - Annabel Langbein.jpg (866 KB)
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 24, 2016 07:43PM
Thanks Shirley and Clare.I am quite taken with the idea of Bacon added to this salad,it's going to give it a tasty twist.Very helpful.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 04:14AM
Yes bacon certainly makes it really tasty. I have used diced ham too - especially with left over ham off the bone after christmas day.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 06:51AM
Good idea Clare,thanks.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 10:56AM
Kumara and Bacon Salad
Serves: 4-6

1 large kumara
1 tbspn olive oil
8 slices streaky bacon
1 orange, peeled & cut into small pieces
1 cup pineapple pieces
1 red pepper, roasted, diced
1 small onion, finely sliced
¼ cup chopped parsley

4 tbspns mayonnaise
1 tspn curry powder
1 tbspn lemon juice
s & p to taste

Preheat oven to 200°C. Peel kumara and cut into 2cm cubes. Toss in oil, place in roasting pan and cook 15 mins or until well browned, turning once. Cook bacon until crisp; cut into pieces. Place orange, pineapple, roasted red pepper, onion, parsley, kumara and bacon into large bowl. Combine dressing and toss through salad.
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 11:10AM
Some great ideas - I like the idea of bacon with kumara (as an aside I make a bacon, leek and kumara frittata).

Just a question, which type of kumara works best in a salad?


Barbara Anne
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 12:13PM
Purple is best as it is drier but I prefer the yellow ones as they are creamier. Don't use the orange ones as they are too wet in their texture. Also I microwave them with the skin on and then peel when cool. Prick them with a knife so they don't explode though!
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 12:54PM
One of my pet hates is recipes which call for kumara but don't specify which type! Makes such a huge difference. I make a kumara salad (purple) with cashews, spring onions and a dressing similar to J1.
Just a note, I took my salad to a family dinner a while back and it was the only thing the vegetarian aunt could eat, everything else had bacon in it! So I'd look for other salty influences, olives, (nuts), capers, feta etc, but not meat, but I guess that might just be our family!
Re: Kumara Salad.
November 26, 2016 11:14PM
If you leave the skin on (scrubbed), it adds colour (and nutrients and fibre...).
Re: Kumara Salad.
December 17, 2016 11:00PM
I've just come across and printed off this Jan Bilton Cool Kumara, Avacado & Ginger salad which has an Asian flavour to it. I think I'd play around with the dressing to cut back on the sweet chilli sauce though. []

A lot of lovely kumara salad ideas in the posts above which I've also printed off (thankyou). I love kumara! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: Kumara Salad.
December 21, 2016 10:09AM
I've been meaning to try Chelsea Winter's recipe, which does specify the type of kumara to use :-)
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