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Meringue nests

Posted by 3isenuff 
Meringue nests
December 15, 2016 09:19PM
Hi, last year I made meringue nests that I filled with cream and berries and i can't find the receipe. Has any foodlovers got a receipe that they can share.
Many thanks
Re: Meringue nests
December 17, 2016 02:17AM
I do make Pavs occasionally but I am not a big meringue or Pav fan (except with lashing of Lemon curd and cream :-) ) but surely you can pipe a recipe you know/like into "nest" shapes?
Re: Meringue nests
December 19, 2016 09:11PM
I would just use a proven meringue recipe such as this one and pipe it into nests as Maryloo says.
Snowy Meringues
Follow the same baking instructions too.
Re: Meringue nests
December 20, 2016 11:36AM
J1 posted an excellent meringue recipe here a couple or more years ago as I recall.

J1 - maybe timely to post again


Barbara Anne
Re: Meringue nests
December 20, 2016 11:31PM
Here's the meringue recipe. I don't know how good it would be for meringue nests - I've only made it as meringues and these are meringues with crisp outside and marshmallow interior (like a pavlova) rather than powdery dry meringue all the way through.

4 egg whites (variable)
1¼ cups caster sugar
1 tspn lemon juice
pinch salt

Measure egg whites; you should have ½ cup. Combine all; beat on maximum electric mixer for 15 minutes. Place on greased and cornfloured tray. Bake at 100°C for 1½ hours. Makes 12 good-sized ones or 9 big blobby ones.

Picture of them:
open | download - J1 meringues.JPG (570.9 KB)
Re: Meringue nests
December 23, 2016 08:27AM
What is the difference between meringue nest and meringue.With one do you cut a hole in the middle and fill that with some sort of puree and cream, and the other just sandwich with a filling using two? I have never made them or eaten them but with JI passing on her recipe I am interested in trying to make some.Thanks if anyone can find the time to answer at this busy time.
Re: Meringue nests
December 23, 2016 11:13AM
No, you don't cut a hole, you pipe a round disc then pipe around the edge to make a nest shape.
Re: Meringue nests
December 23, 2016 08:41PM
Here's a youtube video of a man in a Dutch bakery making meringue nests []
(If you don't want to watch the whole video, place your mouse cursor on the bottom of the video and click anywhere on the line that comes up to go to a different part of the video.)

(for Marylew)

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Re: Meringue nests
December 29, 2016 03:57AM
J1 Thank you for the you tube clip and thank you PennyG.I had never made meringues before and late on xmas eve I decided to try to make J1"s recipe.I blobbed them into small rounds with 2 spoons but didn't make a presentable effort but they were perfect as in soft in the centre and a crispy shell.They tasted great but looked terrible so I didn't serve them this time.I have decided that if I can perfect them I will not make pav roll again as these meringues will be much easier if I can make them well ahead of time.The questions I have are should I have piped them,how much ahead of time can I make them,will they store in sistema containers and how do you serve them?Just as is on a plate or creamed or decorated somehow? Sorry lots of questions but a lovely recipe thanks J1.
Re: Meringue nests
December 29, 2016 10:51PM
Hi Marylew, I've never piped meringues so I guess it's entirely up to you and what end result you want to achieve. I also tend to make pavlovas and meringues either the day before or on the day they're going to be eaten so I can't comment on how much ahead of time can you make them, nor storage. I serve meringues with whipped cream and fruit - here are some photos of that sort of thing:
Re: Meringue nests
December 29, 2016 11:02PM
Meringues can be stored for a long time in airtight containers. I used up a lot of frozen egg whites taking up room in the freezer a couple of years ago and used J1's recipe, and then kept them in a container for around a month I think it was? When you see the store bought ones wrapped in plastic it is the same concept.

As for pavlova.... because I have reverted to store bought, last year we had 2 from the Cheesecake shop... and one was untouched. I actually wrapped the whole box in shrink wrap (and lots of layers), and froze it - box and all. We didn't get to eat it until June and it was perfect!
Re: Meringue nests
December 30, 2016 01:00AM
Just to add, I have found that my meringues keep better in a metal airtight container rather than using plastic.
I don't make or have them very often but when I do, I always enjoy them.
Re: Meringue nests
December 30, 2016 01:02AM
Yes you can pipe meringue nests as Penny G has replied but also as you did with 2 spoons - well 1 spoon actually I use as I prefer the swirled look rather than piped as too commercial looking for me

It sounds as though you didnt actually make a nest in your blob. Just use the spoon to scoop out the middle and swirl around the sides to smooth them. A prefect nest to fill

I like to fill an hour at least ahead as I like them to be softening not dry shell

Any fruit as others have said - strawb, raspberries and choc, lemon curd swirled through cream and topped blueberries or passionfruit. Just your own taste

The given recipe by J1 is very high in sugar, meringues are often made with double the weight of sugar to whites hers is even higher 125g to 275g sugar - but I only use 1 1/2 times which is the minimum to get the dry shell. in not too long baking time So up to you on sugar quantity
Re: Meringue nests
December 30, 2016 01:25AM
Do meringues with soft insides keep as well as the ones that are dry all the way through? I've never bought a pavlova, but imagine they have stabilisers or something to keep them ok to eat after some time (do they have soft insides?). The bought meringues I've tried (and not liked!) seem denser and harder than the meringues I make. I've kept meringues for weeks in an airtight container, but never attempted to keep a pavlova as I imagine that the soft inside wouldn't keep well.
Re: Meringue nests
December 30, 2016 03:46AM
Thanks J1 for the pictures I have attached your recipe to them, as you can probably tell i am not great in the kitchen but everyone who contributes to this forum really inspires me to have a go at something that I haven't tried before.You are all pretty amazing thanks.
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