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Setting up baking classes

Posted by Griz 
Setting up baking classes
July 18, 2018 01:04PM
Can anyone fill me in on the basics of setting up baking classes. Can you do it from your own home? How much would you charge people? How many at a time?
I've had 3 requests today for me to run some classes. I think it would have to be create a cake in one 3 hour session or so.
Re: Setting up baking classes
July 19, 2018 12:13AM
I have a few thoughts on this, but I've never run a cooking class of any sort. It's just what I think on reading your questions.
Any class run from home would have to be of the demonstration type, along with a written recipe and sheet of notes with any special comments on it. The number of attendees would depend on how big your kitchen is and how easily everyone could see what you are doing without jostling each other.

If you had access to a larger kitchen, say a school home economics classroom or suchlike, you could, of course have, say, two attendees to an oven if the ovens are large enough to take two cakes. There would need to be sufficient equipment for each student.

Costs would have to cover the hireage of the kitchen, your time, and whether or not you supplied the ingredients. You'd need to check with your council to see if there are any regulations covering casual classes. Would you need insurance of any type or does the insurance already held by the 'owner' of the premises cover 'visitors'.

A home demonstration sounds more appealing if you are going to do it on a casual basis.
Re: Setting up baking classes
July 19, 2018 07:44AM
I had one in my home for Asian ladies as they wanted to learn our way of cooking. I chose what I could do in the 2 hours , I had the recipes printed out for them & they gathered around my island bench whilst I prepared & cooked it. Sometimes If it took a long time to cook I would have already made one that we could sit down & eat. I never knew how many were coming as some brought friends with them. We sat down & ate it afterwards & it was very social, we became good friends with some. It was a free lesson as I wanted to do something for the community but eventually they insisted they pay me $10 towards cost. If you set it up too much professionally you may encounter health & safety, osh etc so be careful. Hope this helps.
Re: Setting up baking classes
July 31, 2018 04:15AM
Griz I have done cooking classes as fundraisers and also commercially.
My thought is that over a couple of hours you would make 4 recipes - having cooked products already baked and ready of things like cakes that are not feasibly baked, iced and eaten in the time frame.
I imagine that in your own kitchen it would be a maximum of 6 ish?
I am thinking of my kitchen.
Pricing I would say a minimum of $50 each if you are just doing it as cash.
If you are putting it through the books then upwards from $75
For that people would expect to eat what you have baked and take home recipes, tips and possibly a wee goodie bag of baking that didn't get consumed in the class.
Does that make sense?
Don't undersell yourself as you need to think of ingredients, your time, tidy up prior and clean up afterwards etc...
I am pretty sure you are OK to use your own kitchen as you are not selling the food from it you are just demonstrating within it.
Re: Setting up baking classes
August 10, 2018 11:45PM
Approach the local intermediate school and see if you can use their Food Tech room in the weekend?
It would solve the problem of equipment, space, ovens ect. Ive used the one at my school, its an awesome space and quite professional.

Im not sure but would imagine you would need OSH certs if charging money etc.

Doing it at home is a lovely idea but if its baking how would you get everyones baking cooked in one oven?
People love to DO and TOUCH and get involved, not just watch so you would have to give people things to do.

Maybe you could do a cake, a slice and one I prepared earlier to ice/cream/fill/decorate and have a few things on the go with 3 people in your group. Give them all opportunities to get involved. Make sure you have recipes and tips printed out for them to take away and cake boxes for the leftovers...

Sounds like FUN!!!

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