Canola Oil
September 25, 2018 04:01AM
I was just reading the thread about DIY Bread without a breadmaker and a few people commented that they don't use canola oil. I did a quick search and found quite a few reasons why you would not. However, really the only other oil anyone can safely recommend is olive, none of the other vegetable oils seem to be considered safe. I use canola mixed with olive oil for making mayonnaise, I use it if you need oil in a cake batter (its not too strongly flavoured) and I use it to clean the BBQ hotplate and my cast iron pans. I sometimes use it mixed with butter to pan fry fish. Actually if I ever deep fry (rarely) I use canola and as people have pointed out, nearly all the non stick sprays are canola based. If I stop using it what's the best alternative? I wouldn't want to use Olive Oil in cakes or deep frying or non stick spray for cakes or cleaning the BBQ either!
Re: Canola Oil
September 25, 2018 05:21AM
First of all, if you use oil to clean the barbecue etc you can continue to use canola because you will not be eating it but using it as a cleaning product.

Otherwise, I use a mildly flavoured olive oil in mayo (Village Press Barnea), butter or olive oil in cakes, olive oil for deep frying. I don’t use oil spray, but I have seen olive oil ones at the supermarket.

I think a lot of the time when people say they find olive oil too strongly flavoured it is because they are using a poor quality or rancid olive oil. A fresh extra virgin olive oil is a lovely ingredient.
Re: Canola Oil
September 25, 2018 07:17AM
I went through the same thing re: canola. Its very difficult to navigate. I was using village press olive and avocado, but now I just use clarified butter.
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