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Leek Ash

Posted by networkn 
Leek Ash
January 14, 2019 01:35AM
So I have been trying to reproduce a dish I once had at a fine dining restaurant.

It was fluffy butter, with leek ash and it was lightly smoked, with the flavour of charred leeks.
I found a couple of recipes online and tried to follow them, but they were a disaster (one involved splitting a leak down the center and cooking at 250c until blackended. It tasted as you'd imagine, like eating charcoal and am glad I tested before putting into my butter.

I am now wondering if I am not "getting" it. I am thinking about either using the leaves of the leek and not actually making ash but rather "dried" leek, or perhaps igniting a leek end and leaving it in a container covered, with the butter to see if the smoke will infuse with a nice charred leek flavour.

Anyone got any bright ideas?
Re: Leek Ash
February 04, 2019 04:12AM
Hmm I haven't ever heard of this but I am now intrigued.
Leave it with me and I will investigate further.
Re: Leek Ash
February 04, 2019 10:32PM
A bit like ash on the outside of some cheeses. I don't get it. It tastes awful!
Re: Leek Ash
February 07, 2019 12:03PM
Ok. I thought I'd update you guys and gals on the thread.

I have managed to get a very passable result with some experimentation. I never managed to get edible "ash" as such, but using two different methods I got some results that were both "smoky" and "leeky" which slathered on fresh crusty bread had my wife and kids in raptures.

Two methods I used was to throughly wash and dry the green parts of a nice leek.

I put one in the oven at around 120c and cooked until they were dry and crunchy.
I put the others on a plate which had 2 paper towels on the bottom and two on the top in bursts of 20-30 seconds at a time, patting dry in between bursts.

The Oven ones were crunchiest and didn't discolour or start to caramelize/burn, where as to my surprise, the microwave ones did.

I then stuck them into a handheld food blender until they were pretty much a powder and mixed them into butter I had put in a mixing bowl for quite a long time. The butter never went fluffy, but that's another post.

Both were good, but I think personally, I prefered the microwave version slightly.

I also took the white end and hovered it over the gas cooking element of my stove until it went blackish, I then used a microplane to take those off. I recommend that if you have the patience. It's a lovely second layer of flavour.

I highly recommend giving this a go, it was really something special.
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