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Thawing Frozen Rice

Posted by Irene Field 
Thawing Frozen Rice
February 11, 2019 08:03AM
I have seen mention here on FL of freezing leftover rice. However what is the best way to thaw it please? Take it out the night before and leave it in the fridge? Lorna is one that I know freezes it, and hope you are reading this Lorna smiling smiley

ps silly me should not cook on week nights after having a busy day. I was meant to have 1 1/2 cups rice, and thought I had the 1/2 cup measure and washed 3 cups instead of 3 x 1/2 cups grrrrr
Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 11, 2019 09:19AM
Sorry that you had an oops.....but it always makes me smile when someone else does it.

The other night I absentmindedly reached for the large spatula to stir the savoury mince and almost picked up the fly swatter which had been left nearby! Eeeeeew!
Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 11, 2019 09:07PM
I'd defrost in the fridge or if in a hurry in the microwave, it doesn't take long. You can also just heat rice from frozen in the microwave, just do short blasts and stir it frequently until it is steaming hot.
Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 11, 2019 10:47PM
Thanks ladies. Ali, I have rice for Africa. What a difference the amount of cooked rice from 1 1/2 cups to 3 cups becomes smiling smiley
Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 11, 2019 11:00PM
I don't thaw my rice before I use it. I put it in a small steamer and steam it in the micorwave for about 3 minutes. I then use it as an accompaniment to the meal I have cooked separately. That is for a single serving. Adjust the time if preparing a meal for more than 1 person, but however many, make sure the rice is well heated without becoming a hard lump.
Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 11, 2019 11:07PM
Incidentally, I have all sorts of things that traditionally take a long time to cook, such as chickpeas, barley, etc etc, cooked in bulk and then frozen for 'instant' use. I'm still alive and kicking (sometimes very hard) with no ill effects from the way I use these grains and legumes. If I want them for a salad, of course I do defrost them first, in a safe way: either in the fridge or sitting covered on the bench until thawed then refrigerated till they are to be used without further cooking. I've had some delicious salads this summer using my frozen stash.

I've saved on time and power. I can't see the point of cooking enough for a single serve each time I need some, when for a short time extra, I can cook a whole packet of chick peas at once and have instant access when required. I find a slow cooker an absolute boon when doing things like chickpeas, cannellini, and other dried legumes that need a pre-soak then long cooking.

Addendum: I have a small chest freezer but living alone it can be hard to keep it filled, and we all know a filled freezer if far more efficient than a half empty one, and freezing grains and legumes is one way of keeping it well topped up. I do the same with vegetables: when broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc, are on special, 2 for 1 etc, I buy more than I need immediately, blanch it and freeze it. That way, I've always got some on hand for last-minute decisions on what to have for dinner.

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Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 13, 2019 02:20AM
I also freeze leftover rice, I cool it and immediately freeze any that is leftover, mainly because I've heard so often that its dangerous refrigerating and then reheating leftover rice for more than 24 hours or so. I store it flat in a snaplock bag, then when I need it put it covered in a microwave safe container and zap it stirring between until piping hot. Because its flat if I only need a portion for one person I whack it on the side of the granite bench top and snap off what I need leaving the rest frozen to go back in the freezer.winking smiley I find its really handy and have been doing this for years with no ill effect. Brown rice is perfect like this too.
Re: Thawing Frozen Rice
February 13, 2019 05:50AM
Lorna, I’m a big freezer to chickpeas etc too. Who’s got time to hang around waiting for long cooking times. I’m trying to empty a chest freezer and when there was space I popped in plastic bottles of water at the bottom. That worked really well, but sadly it’s full again. I have to start again. I put my frozen rice in a sieve and run boiling water through it. I’ve had no problems from a method lots would shudder at.
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