Fresh Guavas
May 01, 2019 07:19AM
I picked about 2kgs guavas, I've stewed some with apple. Could make jam or jelly.

How do others use them?


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Re: Fresh Guavas
May 02, 2019 12:41PM
I've made guava muffins - they had a lovely aromatic flavour, but were full of large pips. Next time I think I'll sieve the pulp before adding it to the mix! They do make excellent jelly - once again a very aromatic flavour, and a most beautiful colour.
Re: Fresh Guavas
May 02, 2019 11:41PM
My yellow guava tree has had the largest fruit I've ever seen on it this year. I have also stewed quite a few using the microwave which stops them falling apart when cooking. Guava Crisp is another I've made. I don't make jelly as we eat very little jelly and jam. I have a recipe for guava paste but have never made it also guava chiffon pie which doesn't appeal to me as it uses 1 1/2 cups skinned guavas, but the thought of the pips puts me off and by the time you skinned them I feel you'd be left with more pips than flesh!
Re: Fresh Guavas
May 03, 2019 11:57AM
How do you cook them Dawn, my yellow tree is laden & they are so sweet. Do you peel them, the pips are so small on mine I wouldn’t worry about it
Re: Fresh Guavas
May 07, 2019 06:28AM
Lyn V, yes our tree is lovely and sweet too and for once the birds aren't getting away with them all. I don't bother discarding the pips. We don't find the skin tough, nor sour, so cannot see any reason for peeling. The only thing I do (with a sharp knife) is to whisk off the browny bits on the bottom of the fruit without actually puncturing the fruit.

I dissolve the sugar in some water to make a light syrup and add them whole, unpeeled into the syrup and microwave them until cooked but they still retain their shape. For the crisp I put the unpeeled guavas into the dish I'm cooking the crisp in, sprinkle with sugar, and top with the flour, butter, sugar (crisp) mix. Serve with cream - very nice!
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