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Wonton wrappers

Posted by Stephanie D 
Wonton wrappers
May 21, 2019 08:44AM
Does anyone know if and where I can buy wheat free wonton wrappers. I know I can make my own but am too lazy. I also know people use rice paper but it is not the same. I am wondering if somewhere in Auckland there are wonton wrappers made of rice flour.
Re: Wonton wrappers
May 21, 2019 10:32AM
Hmm good question Stephanie.
I am going to Tai Ping supermarket on Thursday so will have a good look at their selection.
I haven't noticed them but also haven't looked for them.
Re: Wonton wrappers
May 21, 2019 11:10AM
What would happen if you fried rice paper?
They have Tapioca and rice flour in them - does that work for you?

Re: Wonton wrappers
May 27, 2019 01:49AM
Vanessa, I have tried rice paper but it is not the same. Might have to make my own.sad smiley
Re: Wonton wrappers
May 28, 2019 04:22AM
Let us know how you get on. I buy dumpling squares/circles - super easy and super cheap. Im not sure its worth making my own. However if you need it to be wheat free, sounds like your only option.
Re: Wonton wrappers
May 29, 2019 07:25AM
Yes I always buy ready made but a close friend has a diagnosed wheat allergy. You probably won't hear any feedback for months. I keep putting off the issue and cook other things when she is visiting.
Re: Wonton wrappers
May 29, 2019 09:39AM
Be wary of commercial rice paper wrappers as apparently many brands have undisclosed wheat flour. It is safest to make your own, with rice flour and tapioca flour, but it's not easy. If you want to try, I can type out a recipe from David Thompson's Thai Street Food.
Re: Wonton wrappers
June 08, 2019 07:20AM
Could you use fresh wheat-free lasagne sheets and roll them out a bit thinner, then cut them in half?

Or you could experiment with trying to soften wheat-free dried lasagne sheets?
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