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Old pantry goods

Posted by Ali W 
Old pantry goods
June 20, 2019 04:52AM
I have a desire to make some coffee biscuits with the chocolate drop on top. Haven’t made them in a long time so dug out my old imperial measurements recipe and delved way into the back of the pantry for the bottle of coffee and chicory essence. Just thought I would check the best before date - July 1995. I couldn’t believe it! Funny thing is - it smells fine.

Anyone top that?
Re: Old pantry goods
June 20, 2019 05:11AM
That is Guinness Book of Records worthy Ali!! Ithumbs up
Re: Old pantry goods
June 20, 2019 10:17AM
Someone i knew did some housesitting. The house they were in had a very big pantry that seemed to have never been cleared out of anything. It included numerous packets of Gregg's herbs and spices, usually about eight packets of the same spice but ranging in age from the 1960s to current. You could line them up and see all the packaging changes through the decades.
Re: Old pantry goods
June 21, 2019 11:09AM
My Mum had one of those bottles in her cupboard, it was there from when I first remember(so probably 5 or 6) until she moved a few years ago. I would say it would have been at least a similar age to yours, and probably older!
Re: Old pantry goods
June 21, 2019 11:36AM
HAHA, love it.
Re: Old pantry goods
July 04, 2019 02:01PM
It’s no where near that, but my Aunty has a large jar of Marmite that expired back in November 2011 and it still tastes great.
Re: Old pantry goods
July 05, 2019 12:33AM
I would like the recipe for the coffee biscuits Ali

cheers Gran
Re: Old pantry goods
July 05, 2019 01:29AM
Just looked at my bottle tucked away at the back of a shelf Ali and it is January 2008 and is in a more modern bottle than probably the one you have. If I remember the old style bottle was square in shape, mine is a round bottle and possibly contains less than the old style.

I too would like a copy of your coffee biscuit recipe please.
Re: Old pantry goods
July 05, 2019 01:53AM
Here you go... I will let you do the conversion. I notice that the chocolate buttons are smaller than they used to be.

4 oz butter
4oz sugar
2 teaspoons coffee essence
1 teaspoon vanilla
5 oz flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt

Cream butter and sugar. Add coffee essence and vanilla. Add dry ingredients.

Place in teaspoon lots on cold tray. Press chocolate button on top.

Bake at 300deg F till golden brown.

One is never enough!

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Re: Old pantry goods
July 05, 2019 09:28AM
Thank you
Re: Old pantry goods
July 05, 2019 09:30AM
Ali from me too, thank you!
Re: Old pantry goods
July 06, 2019 07:25AM
Call me old fashioned but I love the old recipes.
Thanks for this recipe.
Re: Old pantry goods
July 07, 2019 09:38AM
Ali W,

I baked them this afternoon - delicious. I also dropped some off to a friend who is not well.

Just had dinner and cannot wait for supper time so I can have another one with my cup of tea.

cheers Gran
Re: Old pantry goods
July 07, 2019 10:17AM
That is so funny! I remember making something delicious that had to be frozen - I almost waited by the freezer till I thought they would be ready!

Glad you like them...
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