Chicken sandwiches
June 27, 2019 01:08PM
I have a mild fascination with party style chicken sandwiches.
It seems that everyone I know has the "best" chicken sandwich recipe and all vary immensely.
In the name of research for a feature here, who makes them and what do you put in yours?
I am meaning the little elegant chicken sandwiches that people serve with drinks.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
June 27, 2019 09:43PM
It’s a rare occasion that I buy white sandwich bread, but I do so for chicken sandwiches. I spread the bread generously with butter and add shredded chicken breast mixed with good quality mayonnaise, very finely chopped celery, toasted and chopped walnuts and salt and pepper. Another buttered slice goes on top, crust off and the bread gets cut into either quarters or club sandwich style.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
June 27, 2019 09:56PM
I understand your fascination, Helen! They are always so popular. Mine are probably slightly different each time I do them but I buy a cooked chicken and shred the entire bird. Sandwich bread (sometimes seedy, sometimes white, sometimes both!) and I add seedy mustard and a smidgin of chilli to the mayonnaise. Chopped celery, toasted pistachios and cranberries are added to the mayo also. I butter the bread. Cut off the crusts, and like Chris I cut into triangles or three 'fingers.' I sorely miss my late friend Jan's electric knife for cutting. I miss her more.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
June 27, 2019 11:02PM
Soft sandwich bread, usually white I'm afraid. Poached chicken breast, mayo, lemon zest and a bit of juice added, and some parsley, and a tiny bit of red onion is my usual. Or sometimes poached chicken breast + a little mayo, sliced finely and then layered with mild blue cheese and chopped walnuts and sliced red grapes.

I often serve a platter of chicken sandwiches, egg sandwiches, and pastrami and cream cheese sandwiches for groups where there are men (especially if they are boozing), they always go down a treat.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
June 28, 2019 01:18AM
I love chicken sandwiches, both plain or with a few extras as others have mentioned. I think the main thing is the bread is thinly sliced (I like both white and brown bread) and beautifully fresh and the chicken is moist and well can't go wrong! They are perfect for morning or afternoon teas, drinks partys and picnics.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
June 28, 2019 08:50AM
Like others, I only ever buy white bread for chicken sandwiches (or the stuffing for the chicken).

My chicken sandwiches comprise only chicken (finely shredded and moistened with a little mayo) a little stuffing (I normally put finely chopped celery and bacon in my stuffing) and pepper and salt. I cut the crusts off and cut them in either triangles or fingers for a platter.

I recently saw a club sandwich at an event that I attended made with the chicken in the bottom layer and the stuffing in the top with white bread top and bottom and wheatmeal in the middle - it looked nice, a variation on a theme.

While picnic chicken sandwiches follow the same principle in our household they are probably a bit more rustic - crusts on and cut in half...


Barbara Anne

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Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 01, 2019 12:07AM
I love a good chicken sandwich that’s worthy of finger food. They always disappear quickly.

The recipe I’ve used for years now is from a Ruth Pretty cooking class I attended.
I make it on both white or whole grain buttered bread and the sandwiches are served with the crusts cut off and either in triangles or 3 fingers. I also sometimes smear a little more butter down one side of each cut triangle or finger and dip this cut side in finely diced herbs which gives it a lovely appearance which is nice when entertaining.

My chicken filling consists of a shredded chicken (I buy a cooked chicken from the supermarket) and add a couple of tablespoons of my favourite fruit chutney (recipe says a peach chutney), juice of half an orange, 2 stalks finely diced celery, 3 tbspns finely chopped herbs of choice (tarragon, Italian parsley, chives), and enough Best Foods Mayonnaise to bind it well - be generous. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Spread bread with chicken filling and top with some leafy green lettuce.
(I sometimes add very finely chopped walnuts as well).
* An electric knife works wonders for cutting your sandwiches with crisp uniform edges!

These sandwiches are great for finger food, picnic food, morning or afternoon tea and lunches.

Another favourite of mine is a ham, mashed egg (with mayo, salt, white pepper) and finely sliced tomato ‘club sandwich’ - white bread for these.

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Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 01, 2019 08:24AM
Friends of mine make chicken rolls (like asparagus rolls) using shredded chicken and mint jelly - they are sooo delicious.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 02, 2019 07:27AM
Cream cheese, cranberry sauce or jelly, shredded chicken (cooled rotiserrie from supermarket) White or brown bread. YUM

Raewyn G
Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 03, 2019 01:12AM
Raewyn do add anything green in there or just stick to the cranberry, chicken and cream cheese?
Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 03, 2019 04:22AM
Hi Helen,
You could if you wish. Chives, parsley or spring onion come to mind.
Just whatever takes your fancy
Nice with smoked chicken or turkey also
Kind Regards

Raewyn G

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Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 03, 2019 04:40AM
Gran, the chicken rolls sound lovely I am going to try them, I make similar ones with thin sliced white bread, crusts off, top diagonally with shredded chicken on one end and very finely shredded iceberg lettuce and a few cubes of chopped tomato on the other, a blob of mayo on the chicken end, wrap over the center and secure with a toothpick so the chicken shows on one end and the salad on the other. They come out surprisingly little to don't over fill. I like the idea of the chicken and mint though.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 03, 2019 08:26AM
I often make chicken sandwiches for a plate - day or evening and always popular

I dont stint on the chicken and always cooked at home chicken breast as easy to slice (supermarket cooked chicken is overcooked in my view plus don't want to be picking around bones when rushing to make before event I am going to )
Unless using a smoked chicken breast - that is purchased

I mix fresh Aust mango with lemon, etc and Best Foods mayo (I always have some Aust mango in freezer when ripe ones are here. I love mango with chicken. The Aust ones do not go brown and far far better flavour than the cheap Mexican/ Equador that we get now

My sandwiches may also have little lettuce, or avocado mashed or asparagus and or cooked egg if wanting hearty ones for a lunch rather than m/tea or supper dainty ones
But always lovely flavoured mango, mashed with some pieces, in the dressing
Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 03, 2019 11:15AM
Variation on a theme...If taking a plate I often make smoked chicken tartlets, with puff pastry cut so the rim rises up, and then a put smoked chicken, cranberry sauce and a little bought carbonara sauce, then bake in the oven until the pastry is cooked and the sauce bubbly.
Re: Chicken sandwiches
July 03, 2019 10:26PM
Griz Wrote:
> Variation on a theme...If taking a plate I often
> make smoked chicken tartlets, with puff pastry cut
> so the rim rises up, and then a put smoked
> chicken, cranberry sauce and a little bought
> carbonara sauce, then bake in the oven until the
> pastry is cooked and the sauce bubbly.

What a great idea Griz. Sounds delectable.
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