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Kitchen Scales recommendations

Posted by Cheese Lover 
Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 16, 2019 07:31AM
Hi All

I have had no luck with kitchen scales.

Two pairs of salter battery scales have bitten the dust (both lasting about 2 years only) - changed batteries and could never get them to work again. My most recent purchase - Mason Cash Traditional Scales - are just not very accurate and are very awkward to use. Setting them to zero is hard and then they seem to be off.

I am not weighing anything unusual or heavier than a mixing bowl with ingredients in etc..

I want an accurate pair with longevity.

I feel reluctant to try these brands again but I think Salter are the most popular "quality" brand.

Thanks in advance
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 16, 2019 07:42AM
My Salter scales didn't last well, and I now use a little cheap Zip one that I bought from Briscoes years ago for about $20. They are fine, I use them maybe three or four times a week and never have any problems.
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 16, 2019 08:02AM
I was thinking of checking out Briscoes or similar. It seems Wiltshire is their only brand now?

Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 16, 2019 08:27AM
I have a cuisinart purchased nearly 8 years ago. Cost at the time was $73.
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 16, 2019 11:15AM
I have a glass topped slater set that I have probably had for 10+ years.
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 17, 2019 07:30AM
There was a coloured glass red or black topped Salter model around a few years ago which just chewed through batteries, every time I went to use it the battery would be flat. I took it back to Harvey Norman who replaced it but the same problem continued with the new one. I was telling my hairdresser (they use scales all the time to weigh hair colour etc) who said they had had the same problem with the same model. I threw them away and bought a Sunbeam one, it has lasted 5 years+ .
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 17, 2019 08:07AM


I had the previous model for 9 years and used them just about every day. The most robust and accurate scales I've ever owned. Good on batteries, uses AA or AAA rather than the flat button (expensive) style. The ON button finally failed and I bought this model earlier this year. I expect to get as good a life from this unit as from the other.

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Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 17, 2019 08:28AM
I have Salter Model 2005 and have had them for years. They turn off very quickly if there is no movement on them and only have to change the battery once every 2 or 3 years. They are very accurate.
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 18, 2019 02:33AM
I have had Salter Air Superslim Kitchenscale for many years. Battery life is excellent but if I weigh for instance 18g of salt for my bread dough, the scale reads 17g and I need to add another g it seems I need to add rather a lot to get my 18g - so not accurate but ok for my needs. Another thing I find is that if I use a wide bowl the reading panel is obscured and I need to put the bowl on something a bit higher so that I can see the weight.
Re: Kitchen Scales recommendations
July 22, 2019 04:06AM
Thanks - these are great starting points!! I will report back once I have made a decision.
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