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Favourite Food Show or Video Channel

Posted by networkn 
Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 22, 2019 07:23AM
I saw someone post that they had a new video channel, and it reminded me I meant to post this question a few months ago.

Who are your favourite cooking shows, presenters or content creators online or on TV?

Sous Vide Everything
Guga Foods (Same guy different focus)
Mario Batalli (Where he talks about Italy with a pull down map).
Helen Rennie
Not another cooking show (The guy semi annoys me but I do quite like his cooking presentation).

My Favourite cookbook is Al Browns - Stoked. I seriously love this book.

Keen to hear of others. I prefer savoury over sweet.
Re: Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 22, 2019 08:06AM
My absolute favourites are the UK Masterchef shows, which are presently on Freeview channel 11. I like the modesty and pleasantness of the judges and contestants, and the food is usually interesting. They don't waste time on the life stories of the contestants and they don't milk it for tears.

I have a love/hate attitude towards Australian Masterchef - it goes on too long and is too dramatic, but I do record it and watch most episodes.

I've started to watch Chef's Table on Netflix but find it a bit drawn out, with not enough cooking and too much life story.
Re: Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 22, 2019 01:14PM
I am really enjoying Pioneer Woman on Food Channel on Sky, I haven't been to the States and I love her old fashioned family food. I have tried quite a few of the recipes because they're what I feel like making and eating and I haven't done them before. I have learnt some new techniques, especially for Tex Mex style food and good tips for cooking beef cuts and slow cooking. There's some really interesting things available in America to buy frozen... big bags of snap frozen peach quarters (Cowboy Cobbler) and 2 or 3kg sized bags (by the look of it) of what they call hash brown potatoes, which are about a 1cm cube of potato free flow ready to use. She does some great tail gate recipes, love the sausage and gravy with biscuits (scones?) and if you're into baking there's lots of Brownies and desserts. I'm just enjoying a new cultural direction, away from Asian, Indian, Keto/Vegan and Moroccan, all of which are starting to get old. She does a killer Sangria which I'm going to try in summer and good ideas for freezer friendly meals for a family.

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Re: Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 23, 2019 06:27AM
Danube, her cinnamon rolls are to die for, probably quite literally, as they are fat and sugar bombs....but oh sooooo good!
Re: Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 24, 2019 07:40AM
I heard on the news today that the Aussie Masterchef hosts, Gary, George and Matt have walked away over a pay dispute!, Oh dear I liked those three, without them it will probably end up like UK Top Gear.... a flop. And yes Griz I can imagine those cinnamon rolls would be all of that! She's a big fan of butter but I tell you what if you try her method of cooking a whole filet of beef (or even steak) and rest it with butter melted over the top the result is beautiful! winking smiley
Re: Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 24, 2019 08:36AM
After George's disgrace over his company's underpayment of wages by about $8M I suspect there is more to it than just a pay dispute. I am miserably disappointed in George, whom I admired enormously until the scandal came to light. It has certainly tainted my memories of eating at Hellenic Republic, unaware that the staff were being grossly exploited.
Re: Favourite Food Show or Video Channel
July 27, 2019 12:29PM
I agree TPANDAV, and I see there's been pics posted today of Hellenic Republic and Jimmy Grant's, with almost no patronage. Looks like ppl are 'voicing' their opinion with their wallets. I've been a big MC fan ever since it started, and have really liked all 3 judges, but I think, and hope, that the show will continue, as it's the contestants, and the cooking, that are the stars for me. Would love to see Poh (good Adelaide girl lol), and Adam Liaw judging.
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